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WriterZen Review – Get The Content You Need, Faster Than Ever Before

The challenge of creating relevant content for your audience is difficult for many people. Those of you who are among them can rest easy. WriterZen can help you create awesome content. 

WriterZen provides in-depth research and precise keyword and topic exploration solutions along with appropriate content references. By analyzing the top 20 ranked URLs with the AI algorithm, it provides optimized suggestions for particular keyword sets.

WriterZen review
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This platform enables writers to create rich and informative content via an advanced AI-based article generator, which generates articles matched to your requirements, key points, keywords, and style, ranging from scientific research abstracts to practical lifestyle and hobby tips.

Content creators can use this tool to collaborate on independent sections of larger projects. Through the help of the Topic Research Algorithm, one can easily get ideas for content displayed in four different categories: Explorer, Cards, Mindmap, and Overview. 

WriterZen features an amazing Auto Clustering feature that utilizes an algorithm to find the perfect keywords for any topic. While Keyword Explorer, on the other hand, provides accurate results within a few seconds.

In addition to the Check Bulk Allintitle feature, the software also has a lot of other amazing features. It allows you to create organic traffic with high search volume and little competition by selecting indicative golden keywords.

With WriterZen, you’ll have access to features that you won’t find on other popular writing platforms. It gives you everything you need to create brilliant content. 

Who is at the helm of WriterZen?

WriterZen was born after recognizing the immense demand for intelligent content creation and marketing through the internet. Its headquarters are in Singapore. This is a content creation service, based on the software as a service (SaaS) model.

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Founder and CEO of WriterZen, Daniel Nguyen aims to provide everyone with a cost-effective solution for writing content online. A service that delivers structured, engaging content to clients through an easy-to-use interface. 

How does WriterZen work and what makes it so useful?

With WriterZen, you can solve the most critical creative problems by bringing together all forms of content research on one platform. Within minutes, its users can explore accurate topics, precise keywords, and appropriate content references. 

By overcoming the shackles of research, it helps content creators focus on their strengths. From writing to organizing all your resources, to fact-checking on the go. Writerzen is an all-inclusive assistant for content creators.

It offers a wide array of features to its users that allow them to generate content for their websites, blog posts, and more. Now let’s take a look at its features. 

Topic Discovery

Topic Discovery is a feature that’s built to help you discover topics for your next blog post. This is one of the best places to break writer’s block. Here is where you can come up with topics if you have trouble coming up with ideas.

Topic discovery is one of the key aspects of creating an effective SEO  strategy. That is exactly what this module lets you do within minutes. It will give you tons of ideas based on the niche/keyword you’re targeting.

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In addition, this can be used to create content clusters around particular topics. Your topic will be based on the relevancy score or the search volume.

Not only topics, but this module also gives you an optimized list of headlines that you can use for your blog post. Now you can spend more time writing content and less time looking for useful topics to post about on your blog.

Content Creator:

WriterZen”s content creator is the ultimate writing tool to help you with whatever you need when you are writing a blog post or any other type of document. One of the main features offered by this content creator is collaboration, which means you can associate different parts of a project with each other and keep track of them.

The collaborative process works by keeping track of who provided information, what needs to be reviewed, and by whom. You can use it to manage the entire lifecycle of your next big project, from writing to publishing and tracking.

With content creation, you also get optimized keyword suggestions based on an algorithm that analyzes the top 20 leveled URLs. In addition, there are sentence suggestions, image suggestions, live suggestions, and paragraph suggestions.

Moreover, it optimizes the writer’s experience by allowing exports in a variety of file formats, full-screen displays, and more. Throughout the project, team members can communicate and check each piece of writing for plagiarism.

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The use of this feature assists with the creation of controlled, standard SEO-optimized content. Additionally, it provides content from a continuous flow of ideas. By facilitating collaboration among collaborators, it ensures the quality and value of original content.

Keyword Explorer:

The process of choosing the best keywords is more challenging than it sounds. When it comes to SEO, relying on perception and practice can lead to disaster. Keyword Explorer, therefore, combines a variety of sources, such as Google suggestions and Google Keyword Planner, into a single keyword list.

It is a keyword research tool that can save you time and help you organize your keywords into targeted campaigns. 

There are dozens of search engines that search for thousands of keywords. With a database of over 15 million keywords, you can be sure to find a keyword that is relevant to your niche.

This feature also offers SEO professionals a great chance to use the keyword golden ratio. This tool can provide you with an overview of your industry along with information about your competitors.

Even for non-specific topics, it provides highly relevant search results and high-converting suggestions. Your traffic leads, and sales are predicted within 90 days, month by month, based on the keywords you enter.

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The Keyword Explorer gives users detailed information about the size, scope, and dimensions of every market. Moreover, the tool provides all the necessary information about the level of competitiveness of a keyword as well as the user’s search objectives, so that keyword research is on track. 

With the Check Bulk Allintitle function, you can generate high organic traffic by pointing to golden keywords for work labels. 

Using this tool, users can gain a deeper understanding of client objectives through its innovative auto-clustering features. 

In order to ensure that both ranking and data integrity are set up simultaneously, a keyword group must be 100% accurate.  Your SEO ranking problems can be solved in half if you choose the right keywords.

Plagiarism Checker:

There is also a plagiarism checker included in the software. You can use this to determine if the content provided by your writer is plagiarized or not. 

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This feature does not come with a deep search AI methodology to determine if a piece of content is spun, such as Copyscape. The level of scrutiny can also be set according to an individual’s requirements, e.g. low, medium, and high.   

Keyword Importer:

WriterZen’s keyword importer lets you import researched keywords for analysis using Allintitle or KGR. It features an easy-to-use interface and is simple to use. Switching between workspaces and creating new content takes only a fraction of a second.

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Additionally, keyword entries can be entered in the keyword section or imported from a CSV or TXT file. It will take 5 to 10 minutes depending on how many keywords you import. It is one of the handiest features of WriterZen.

Pros & Cons of WriterZen

WriterZen is an excellent tool for people who find it difficult to generate content for their website, blog, or social media accounts. This wonderful software can be used by people of all age groups as it contains a simple and easy-to-understand interface.

However, just like all other content creation tools, WriterZen also has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at its advantages and downsides.


  • WriterZen offers an easy-to-use interface that keeps the learning curve to a minimum.
  • This is one of the best content creation tools that makes it easier for people to create high-quality content
  • The keyword research offered by WriterZen is among the best in the market.
  • WriterZen features an amazing keyword clustering feature
  • It’s a cost-effective solution that can help you save time and effort. 
  • With All-in-title results and keyword golden ratio, it can catch surefire traffic with underserved topics
  • With data from this resource, you can create engaging and compelling content in a variety of ways.
  • Whether you have a question or a problem, WriterZen offers live support around the clock.


  • To optimize existing content, there is no article import feature in the tool.
  • Plagiarism checker can be improved to check spun content.
  • During the free trial, you will not have access to Keyword Clustering or Keywords Check Allintitle.

There are pros and cons to every tool, and WriterZen is no exception. It’s still one of the best platforms for content creation, regardless of its cons. In one spot, it provides all the tools one needs for creating amazing content, so it is a tool everyone should get their hands on.

WriterZen’s On-boarding Process

You may find it difficult when you first start using WriterZen to understand its features, but once you become familiar with each one, it will become easier.

WriterZen has an intuitive, straightforward, and easy-to-understand user interface. We’ve made it easy to get started with WriterZen by including all the information you need. 

You need a WriterZen account to use WriterZen, which means logging in and creating an account is the first step. On WriterZen’s homepage, visitors can easily sign up for an account. The user can create their account easily or can use their Google account to sign up. 

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You will move to the next page as soon as you select the “Sign in with Google” option. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide once you sign in to the software. You will also receive an email containing a confirmation link that you need to click on to confirm your account and complete the registration process. Upon completion of the process, you are taken to the main dashboard.

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Using the tools provided here, you can create amazing content. You can explore every feature and gain a thorough understanding of the tool in detail. Once you start using this incredible software, you will be able to see all of its advantages. 

Customer service is also available if there are any questions. Their team offers excellent services to their clients and responds to their queries in the shortest possible time. 

WriterZen’s Pricing Structure

There are two options available with this amazing software – free trial and paid membership. However, the free trial offers only a limited number of features and is only valid for 7 days. For beginners, the free trial helps them get to know the tool in detail. WriterZen’s free trial will allow them to decide if they need to purchase the paid version. 

The paid subscription, on the other hand, comes with a lot of amazing features and functionalities. It’s always worth remembering that one can easily cancel a subscription at any time. There are two options available for selecting pricing, i.e. monthly and yearly. 

The following options will be available to you when you choose a monthly package. 

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The most popular package is the Premium package. It provides a wide range of features and a large amount of data that can help you create unique and engaging content. The price is also reasonable. Purchasing this package is as simple as clicking on the get started button.

Similarly, if you choose the yearly option, you will receive a 30 percent discount as shown in the following picture:

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WriterZen’s yearly package also contains three options – a 7-day trial, premium, and platinum. Most people who purchase a yearly subscription from this category choose the premium package. The package can be purchased by clicking on the get started button and entering the payment information. The details of the yearly packages are as follows:

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With WriterZen, you can create amazing content by choosing a package that matches your needs and utilizing its impressive features and functions.

WriterZen’s Customer Service

Customer support at WriterZen is outstanding. In addition to communicating with clients and responding to inquiries promptly, the team assists them thoroughly in the best way. For each problem, the experts provide a detailed solution. 

Customers receive a response quickly and have their concerns addressed. You can contact the team members by clicking on the help button located in your left bottom corner. The following dialog box will open on your screen after you click the option:

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The process of sending a message is as simple as typing your message into the message box and clicking on the send button. Upon receiving your message, you will be contacted by a member of the team who will assist you with all your concerns and confusion.


It’s easy to create content with WriterZen. Both beginners and experienced users can make use of it. In less time, people can create engaging and unique content using the tool’s features and functionalities.

With its easy-to-understand features and simple interface, one can easily use this tool too. You can get a list of SEO keywords, create a heading that will get maximum traffic, and research-related content. 

If you want to create awesome content for your website, blog, or social media accounts that is easy to read, engaging, and completely search engine optimized, then register with WriterZen today.

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