Woofunnels Review

WooFunnels Review – The Sales Funnel Wizard

WooFunnels Overview:

You probably know how difficult it can be to find software that helps you manage your sales funnel. The vast majority of SaaS companies end up costing more than they are worth these days. When it comes to making it big on their own, small business owners have very few options.

Many WordPress users use sales funnel builders to create their funnels. It can cost thousands of dollars per year for one of these funnels. They require significant editing of theme files, and their page builders are limited.

Sales funnels have long been a staple for any business that sells a product or service. You pay a professional to build you one, but you could also build your own with the help of plugins and some code.

WooFunnels is a funnel software as a service that provides you with the option to capture leads, create sales pages, sell your product, and more. It’s easy to use and can even be integrated into your current website design and WordPress theme.

woofunnels review
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It seamlessly integrates with your existing eCommerce store and WooCommerce pages. This means that you do not have to design funnel pages from scratch. It’s quite an advantage, especially for non-developers who want a quick start and flexibility to use their favorite eCommerce theme and page builder.

This allows you to create professional ‘out-of-the-box sales funnel websites in WordPress using just a single plugin. It was made for those who want to build, launch and sell a high-quality, professional-looking funnel for their new or existing digital product business online.

This allows you to create professional ‘out-of-the-box sales funnel websites in WordPress using just a single plugin. It was made for those who want to build, launch and sell a high-quality, professional-looking funnel for their new or existing digital product business online.

It lets you create high-converting sales funnels to boost your online business. If you’re looking for an easier way to sell more, then you’ll love what WooFunnels can do for you.

Who is at the helm of WooFunnels?

WooFunnels is a suite of plugins developed by XLPlugins for WooCommerce, the WordPress-based shopping cart platform. Daman Jeet is the man behind WooFunnels. 

His technical and conceptual insights on design, development and implementation of advanced applications with high integrity have helped multiple clients to achieve best results. 

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In New Delhi, India, he founded XLPlugins.com, offering tools & solutions that increase conversions for WooCommerce store owners. He is an experienced entrepreneur who is expert in Product research and development. His products are backed by strong understanding of consumer needs.

XLPlugins offers a range of plugins, from free to premium, designed to extend the functionality of the most popular eCommerce platform in the world. Together with his team, he has created several WooCommerce extensions that are being used to boost sales by over 45,000 WooCommerce store owners.

How does WooFunnels work and what makes it so useful?

Building an effective sales funnel for your WooCommerce online store is something that can force even the most seasoned conversion rate optimizer to its knees.

As an amazing way to boost sales and lead generation, Funnels are a powerful tool for businesses of any size. A multi-purpose plugin, WooFunnels is loaded with features that will help you increase conversions and sales.

WooFunnel doesn’t just help you create landing pages, it also helps you create optin pages, sales funnels, membership sites and market product/service of your own creation. By converting your audience into buyers, you can increase sales

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your sales & sign ups, then look no further. Let’s have a look at what WooFunnels has to offer.

Autonami CRM:

Each phase of the customer journey is an opportunity to entice visitors, optimize conversion, and maximize sales. Thus, CRM is an essential component of business success.

Autonami is an all-in-one marketing platform and customer relationship management  (CRM) tool that helps agencies, small business owners, and individual marketing practitioners manage leads and clients efficiently. 

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In Autonami, there is a CRM component that allows you to add your custom fields in the same way that ActiveCampaign and Infusionsoft do. This is a powerful feature because it allows you to create relationships between your leads and customers. 

Depending on the behavior of prospects and customers in the cart, Autonami can correspond with them automatically.

We can use this tool to add tags to contact profiles, define and use custom fields, trigger automation, send email broadcasts to “lists”, and create contact segments. In addition, it offers data integration with the most popular web analytics, email marketing, and social media tools.

With Autonami, you get the ability to set virtual visits/lead alert notifications, autoresponder email templates that are triggered by customer behavior, plus a full lead management system for organizing and storing all the details of your customer’s journey throughout your sales funnel.


By using the default checkout pages, your shopping cart may be losing sales every day. Checkout pages that come with default settings cannot be customized in any way, which is the main problem. Many of these default checkouts do not work on mobile devices.

The Aero Checkout plugin for WordPress is one of the most user-friendly and clean checkouts. It is a clean, minimalist plugin with full compatibility with most themes. With the complete funnel solution its just called checkout.

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It is one of the most flexible checkout page plugins built to maximize conversions on your WooCommerce store. It has a clean, compelling design with easy-to-configure multi-step checkout pages. 

Users may feel intimidated by long checkout forms. Form fields are difficult for them to complete.

The AeroCheckout mini cart lets users review the merchandise they have purchased before committing to a purchase. You can change the quantity, delete items, and view images for each item.

It also provides seamless transitions between stages of your checkout process, so users know exactly what the next step will be when they see it. Those who make a mistake can simply hit “change” and edit the data, without needing to return to previous steps.

Order Bumps:

Adding complementary products to your cart is easy using Order Bump for WooCommerce. 

If you were unable to add complementary products to your cart or had to go through multiple steps to add more products, the chances of making the purchase were significantly reduced.

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Boosting revenue with it is a great idea. By adding value to your customers’ orders, you can increase the value of the average order. By offering complementary products at checkout, you can increase your e-commerce sales as well as create a perceived value. 

This plugin allows store owners to add product-based bumps (or upsells) and order bumps (or downsells) to their checkouts.

Order bumps, also called ‘order upsells’, are a pre-check-out offer where the merchant attempts to sell you something else by displaying an additional product or service just above the place your order button. Upsell offers are primary offers presented to a customer. A buyer can accept or reject this offer.

Downsell offers are secondary offers that are presented when a buyer rejects an upsell offer. Usually, downsell offers are presented at a lower price.

One-click Upsells:

If you want to upsell your customers or if you have an existing product that you want to sell them, one-click upsells are a great way to do it. Upstroke makes it easier than ever to create them.

Maintaining your WordPress installation, writing code, or setting up API keys is not necessary. This can be done in just a few minutes without any hassle.

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Upstroke automates the entire process of getting upsells. Your signups will be quicker and you’ll make more money!. The plugin can be integrated into any WordPress site and generate upsells immediately. Allowing your customers to enter their credit card information and get the best possible features for your product or service.

The plugin makes it easy to automate the actions you would normally perform within WordPress, while also connecting to your broader tech stack, therefore, allowing more universal functionality.

Pros and Cons of WooFunnels:

Buying a SaaS tool is no small decision, especially if you’re a small business owner. There are things to consider like whether or not this tool will help you grow your business, whether or not it is worth the investment, and so on.

Let’s be real: nobody wants to download a bunch of plugins that they don’t really need only to find out they create more problems instead of giving you what you want. Some products are good, some aren’t good at all. Some cost more than they should while others don’t come with enough bang for your buck.

Before you get all excited and jump the gun, understanding what the plugin can and can’t do will help you make a better decision. The following pros and cons cover every aspect of it, from the good to the bad, so that you can make an informed decision on whether to buy or not.


  • WooFunnels offers a very user-friendly interface – you can easily check out your stats and manage anything with it.
  • It provides you with ongoing support and updates for a plugin as well as customizing it to your exact needs.
  • An open-source CRM built on top of WordPress that takes advantage of many WordPress features such as eCommerce (WooCommerce), Roles & Permissions, REST API, Chat (Slack), Email notifications, Product import/export using XLS/CSV.
  • This plugin allows you to sell any digital or physical product online. lt is fully responsive and supports all major payment processors like PayPal, 2checkout, stripe, etc. 
  • There are tons of free and premium add-ons available to increase the functionality of the shop.
  • Optimize your funnels based on time, entries, subscribers to your email list, pageviews – even bounce rates – so that you can increase your conversion rates drastically.
  • It is built exclusively for WordPress. There’s no login, no 3rd party apps. No distractions. Simply install and start building your funnels right away!
  • A user may assign attributes to each one of their products, including a cost value, shipping/handling fee, and total points value. This is done using Its Inventory management system.
  • The complete product suite can replace a lot of small extensions bringing a great saving on your bill.
  • No prior expertise in web development technologies required.
  • The mobile app makes it possible for you to manage your website wherever you are.


  • Themes and extensions for WooFunnels are quite expensive. Autonami CRM is available with a $499/year commitment, which may be too costly for some people.
  • On-going maintenance is a crucial part. You have to consider hosting, security, updates, and backups.
  • The plugin only works on WordPress sites and heavily relies on WooCommerce for sales process. Although you can create an optin page without WooCommerce you still need it to do checkout, upsell and thank you pages which is a large part of offering.

Just like any other WordPress plugin, WooFunnels also requires some work on your part. You cannot just install it and expect everything to run smoothly. You need to put in the effort before you can see results.

Nevertheless, nothing is 100% perfect. The same goes for WooFunnels. Although you have all the features you need, there will still be limitations.

WooFunnels Onboarding Process:

With the move away from desktop and toward the cloud, seamless customer onboarding is one of the most important elements to keep customers from leaving. Simple onboarding makes customers happy. Thankfully, the onboarding process for WooFunnels is more or less a no-brainer.

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Getting started on the website is simple, as you can either click on the Show me how CTA on the homepage or pick the Get Started option at the top. From there you can check out the pricing plans and pick the one that fits your needs the best.

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As soon as you choose the pricing plan that best suits your needs, click Get Started, which will take you to the signup form, where you must provide basic contact details and payment information. This is how easy WooFunnels makes it for you to get up and running.

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Next thing we see is the dashboard from where we can access all the different tools. The dashboard is really simple and clean. What this means is that all the tools you need at your fingertips are there, without additional page loading or other obstacles slowing down your work when it matters most.

WooFunnels Pricing Structure:

Woo Funnels is the funnel builder and click funnel alternatives. It not only helps you create a funnel and structure well but It also offers tracking and SEO plugins to go with the funnel. 

It offers three price plans. When you select any plan, you’ll get regular and frequent updates, friendly support, and a community of like-minded people.

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The starter plan costs $179/year and is for customers who want to test it out or create a few sales funnels. It includes a large variety of template-based funnels and preset designs for your sales funnels. You can create unlimited funnel templates and design them on the go.

Individuals who want to deploy sales funnels across multiple websites should consider the Growth Plan starting at $254/year. Besides having all of the features that come with the starter price plan, it can be used on 25 distinct sites (you can add more if needed).

Costing $399/year comes in the Scale Plan that includes Autonami CRM. The above two plans don’t come with this add-on. To access Autonami with the Starter or Growth plan, you’ll have to pay an additional $129/a year.

The Scale plan has all the features of a growth price plan, in addition to Automated Follow Up Emails, automated SMS via Twilio, Autonami Integration with Active Campaign, Drip, Keep, convert kit & other supported CRMs and autonami Integration with external tools such as Slack, Google sheets & other Applications.

WooFunnels Customer Service:

Setting itself apart from its competitors by delivering an unmatched customer service experience, Woofunnels attracts a wide variety of customers from all walks of life. At the source of this excellent service delivery, is the company’s goal to establish relationships with every one of their customers.

To access the help center, You can either click on Contact from the header or click on the live chat option from the bottom-right corner. From here, you can find all the ways through which you can contact the customer service team.

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It has a team of dedicated customer support experts who are always happy to deal with any problems or questions a customer might face. The support team is quick, detailed, and extremely knowledgeable. In the WooFunnels Facebook group, you can also find their passionate founder, Daman Jeet, alongwith his team actively interacting with and helping members.


WooFunnels has taken the market by storm, and for good reason. It’s such an intuitive tool that helps you convert more visitors into paying customers with a series of bespoke checkout pages.

 It is exactly what you need to reduce sales abandonment, offer an upsell, or collect more email addresses if you don’t have the budget or time to create a custom sales funnel.

It allows you to connect your website’s shopping cart to your autoresponder. With this integration, if someone adds your products to their cart but doesn’t check out, they are redirected to a page you create.

This plugin will make buying easier, faster, and more streamlined for those selling products on WooCommerce. If you sell a product and are looking for a solution to help with the sales process, then WooFunnels will be of interest.

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