Sociamonials Review: To let your Business Break Through

Overview Of Sociamonials

When we talk about business today, before asking where the office is, we ask about the website, and the social media handles. Gone are the days when tracking a company was through their physical presence. Today, the game has gone digital. How many people are you reaching and what kind of impact does your business hold on the world wide web? Enter Sociamonials.

sociamonials review
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Sociamonials is your one-stop-shop solution to solving your social media marketing and management problems. Want to deliver a clear message? They’ve got you covered. Looking to free up space on your calendar to strategize your next social media campaign? They can do that too. For every social media need, Sociamonials has something for you. 

Who is at the helm of Sociamonials?

Sociamonials was born in 2012 right at the boom of social media and most of all, Facebook. With more and more people joining the social media bandwagon to connect with their long lost relatives and friends, brands resorted to digital media and social media ads to promote their businesses and ideas. 

The company was founded by Craig Sherman who has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer since. While he was serving as the sole proprietor for quite some time, help arrived when two more people joined Sociamonials. 

The first was Kelly Janison, who is a sales and advertising guru and has been serving as the Business Development Manager for Sociamonials for a whole nine years now.

Eric Nelson is the latest addition to this small operation and now serves as the Inside Sales Manager for Sociamonials by finding new business avenues for the brand. 

What makes Sociamonials useful?

Sociamonials is a very handy tool for all the socialpreneur out there. Ranging from the influencers to those who want to get the word out about their business, or even garner new clients, there is a tool available just for you. Instead of just getting lost in the whirlwind of posts, stories, Sociamonials allows you to stand out from the crowd very admirably. 

The best part about Sociamonials is that it combines the world of analytics, visual representation, and campaign management in one single entity to deliver a clear and compelling message to your target audience. The platform does this by:

Analytics with Visual Representations

Understanding your key market metrics, what your audience is interacting with, what is driving the most traffic and business for you, and a key marker of where your audience is coming from. All of these insights can allow you to understand where you need to double down on your efforts and hence make your campaigns and efforts much more effective to bring in more business. 

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Furthermore, with visual representations, you can understand what are the key drivers and how they have performed over time to draw out discerning factors to streamline your business activities. 

Campaign Planning

While a Social Media campaign can accomplish wonders for you, planning is what takes time, and creating the campaign takes even longer. Thankfully, the Campaign Planning tool allows you to design and plan which campaign has to go where. It also suggests the best time to post, and you can even schedule your posts to be posted. Eight times out of 10, it will get posted. The two times it doesn’t is a kink that is still being worked out. 

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This allows your social media team to free up time on their schedule to strategize the best way to get your business the exposure that it deserves. 

Marketing and Advertising

Besides social media campaigns, you can also design advertising campaigns and marketing campaigns to make your target audience aware of the new products that you are launching, or the ongoing discounts and deals or even giveaways you are running. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates with any major social media platform and can track the campaign’s progress in real-time and let you know how it is performing so that you can tweak it even when it is running.

Public Relations

In the age of digital media, the lines between public relations and digital relations are very blurred. From putting out fires to forging new personal relationships, public relations is about making sure that your brand resonates with the target audience perfectly. Like when we say Electric cars, your mind goes to Tesla. That’s PR. Thanks to Sociamonials, you can create beautiful and impactful PR campaigns where you can do more than just put out fires. You can send a message and tap into your user’s mindset. 

Integrating Video

As we progress as a society, the cue moves more and more from reading and print media to visual media which carries photos and video-based messages. With a burst of video editing tools, its easy to make videos, but integrating it with a campaign to send a message and hence make your campaign a viral one is what makes it stand out. One such great example of doing this perfectly is Nike’s “You Can’t Stop Us” ad campaign that furthers their stance in the market, all the while bringing the message of we are all together in these trying times. 

Integrating video will not just bring your campaign to life but also make it much more than just a way to garner business, it will start to turn your business into a brand. All the while, making it usable and responsive across various devices so that a simple adaptation does not come in the way of your business goals. 

User-Based Control

While there are many ways in which you can control what kind of content is posted in which region and what kind of audience is interacting with it, wouldn’t it be great if your planner tool can do it? Well, you’re in luck as Sociamonials allows you extreme control over where your campaign, content, and videos are being published. Furthermore, to add another layer of customizability, you can even control how the users interact with that content and hence how they engage with your brand. 

There have even been cases in which interaction allows live chat with your brand representative, but for that, you need very sophisticated campaigns. Thankfully, with Sociamonials, no campaign is too hard to create or manage.

Lean Model 

Starting a business is a plunge. And handling daunting tasks as it grows becomes more tedious as your business grows and you need to make sure that each activity you are doing is getting a fruitful result toward your target goal. Hence, like they say “the devil is in the details”, you need to make sure that every campaign is meticulously planned and impressively created. This can take a lot of time and hence money since “time is money” as well.

Sociamonials brings to the table the years of experience of its founders and hence delivers everything you want in the quickest way possible in the minimal costs needed. Hence, your campaigns, like your business models, remain lean. 

With tools like these, it’s hard to see why you want to give Sociamonials a miss. It doesn’t just drive your business to success, but also makes you a better entrepreneur, who understands how exactly to achieve your business goals and turn your business into a conglomerate. 

Pros and Cons of Sociamonials

Well, while the company may tell the customers a lot about their pros, more times than not, they might choose for some deliberate short sightedness in terms of telling about their cons. So, the best way to do that is to observe the pros and cons, as stated by their real-life users. Garnered from an average of over 120 reviews, the following are the real strengths and weakness of the Sociamonial, social media management platform:


  • Marketing campaigns can be set up very easily
  • Adaptable to any language
  • All campaigns are highly customizable
  • Generating Analytics reports and Insights
  • Video Testimonials
  • Seamless integration with almost all major social media platforms
  • Tracking and Growing audience growth
  • Scheduling posts for maximum effectiveness from the campaign
  • Can be used on iOS and Android as well


  • Instagram Integration is glitchy
  • Scheduled posts may not get posted
  • Pinterest is missing
  • Template options and UI are relatively limited and outdated
  • Needs some getting used to using effectively. 

So as you can see, the Pros far outweigh the cons, and hence you find the best value for the money you are spending on it. While there are tons of tools out there to help integrate Social Media into your business, none of them can do it quite in the way that Sociamonials does it, which is why the company has been able to stay afloat despite being operated by only two people (talk about being lean). 

Sociamonials Onboarding process

When you arrive at Sociamonials’ website, you will be welcomed by a very aesthetically pleasing and minimalist homepage that has prominent call-to-action (CTA) highlighting the actions that the site wants you to perform. The following is the page that will welcome you:

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As you can see, the company offers all of its significant call signs in the first fold itself. If you are a registered user, the top right corner contains the link to send you to the login page. And just adjacent to it is the Sign-Up button which is for registering to try this tool out. 

Furthermore, you can also click on the Try for the free button to be redirected to the very same page as the Sign-Up button. In both cases, you will land on the following page:

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It seems ironic actually that you can use a social media account to sign up for a social media management tool. Well, you might notice the double paradox later here, it is also pretty convenient. For those of you who do not want to spend time in filling up the entire form which will be displayed after you click on the “Sign Up with email Instead”. 

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Considering you choose any of the social media platforms to fast track the registration process, a new window will open up, which will contain the permissions about the data that the platform needs to access. While on your phones, the permissions might pop up one by one and you can choose which one to get, the permissions for the social media platforms are all at once, and it’s more or less the my-way or the highway approach as you can either accept them all or refuse them altogether. The following will be the window that will pop up if you click on the Twitter sign up link:

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First, you will need to sign in to your account and then can you give the permissions to access the information in your account. Once you grant permissions and complete the registration process, the dashboard will open up, which contains all the menus and buttons to access different campaigns. There is also a “Guide” toggle on the dashboard at the right side of the screen which can be used to turn off the small bubbles of tips and tricks as you learn your way around using the platform.

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On the left, you have the menu to access and design all the social media campaigns. The UI is fairly simple to operate through, and you will not find many hassles to navigate through the platform. However, make sure to fully explore every menu on the left and every tab on the top to make sure what the campaign goal is supposed to be and whether it is being achieved or not.

Using this platform is like driving a car; you need to get ample practice time to make sure that you can understand what each function is doing. 

PSST: We would recommend you to set up a dummy social media account to try and test the various functions and capabilities of the platform before actually putting it to use on the main ID itself. 

Some users have complained that some aspects of the platform are yet to be refined and hence is lacking. Still, from our personal experience, the platform has done it all in regards to keeping its customers and users excited and yet peaceful and serene. 

Pricing Structure

Like any marketing platform, there is not a single standalone offering, preferably a whole tier of what you can get. Thankfully, the pricing structure of Sociamonials is pretty encompassing and hence allows the users to make do with the best in class services, starting at just $19/month for the basic plan. As you move up in the world, your plan can also move up and go all the way up to a whopping $399 per month with the platform’s Enterprise plan. 

Use code “BTLG” for additional discounts.

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The best part is that you can pick up any plan for a 14-day trial free of cost. However, at the end of that period, if you continue to use the platform, the requisite tier fee will be deducted So, here are all the pricing plans for using Sociamonials:

Tier NameSocial ProSocial and CampaignsBusinessEnterprise
Price per Month$19$49$149$399
Key InclusionsAdvanced AnalyticsAdds/upgrades to features from Social ProAdds/upgrades to features from Social and CampaignsAdds/upgrades to features from Business
CalendarUp to 1,000 campaign entries per monthUp to 5,000 campaign entries per monthUp to 50,000 campaign entries per month
Automatic reposting queuesUnlimited Landing pagesUp to 5,000 landing pages, sweepstakes, or contest form submissions per month. Resets monthly!White Label Campaign Emails (SMTP)
Category queuesUnlimited popups & sticky-tab widgetsPublishing approval workflowCustom Campaign Domain (Cname)
Bulk upload up to 500 postsEmail autorespondersDetailed user permissionsWhite label social media apps
E-commerce trackingPhoto contestsFunnel SeriesRemove Sociamonials branding from campaigns
Lead trackingVideo contestsProfanity filter
Custom website trackingEssay contestsEncrypted database
Asset libraryVideo sharing galleryDedicated account manager
1 million+ stock photosPhoto sharing galleryFunnel Series
Unlimited posts archivedReferral sweepstakesPremium Campaign Templates
Link shorteningSignup & download pages
Change shared links even after they have postedCoupons
Customize posts per networkVideo testimonials
Optimize send times per networkProduct reviews
Direct video uploads, including to YouTubeCustomer stories
Social CRMRefer-a-friend program
Share buttonsWeekly giveaway
Android & iOs mobile appUser-generated content approval workflow
Auto-syndicate user-generated content to social
Custom submission forms
A/B Split testing
Triggered & scheduled campaign series
Premium integrations

With so many features in store for you from the starting level itself, you might not see any harm in getting yourself some of that action and save your time in actually strategizing on how to place it optimally and let Sociamonials do the rest for you. 

Believe us; your social media team will love you for it since they will get to enjoy what they always wanted to do, be creative and hence narrate your story in a way it has never been told. 

Another thing that you don’t know about Sociamonials is that if you think that you want something in between the tiers, you can get in touch with the team to form a unique plan that will cater just to your interests. 

Customer Support

As the pioneering author and economist Philip Kotler said “Customer is King”, every great team who wants to win at business must believe in this ideology. And like any great team, the folks at Sociamonials adorn all the hats ranging from CEO to customer support to resolve all your doubts and queries. 

So getting in touch with them can be done via the contact form which can be reached from Even when you press the “Talk to Us” button on the homepage, you will be redirected to the Contact Us page. Click on this link and the following page will appear:

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As you scroll down through the page, the contact form will appear where you can put in your details and about your grievance. Thankfully, the team is very responsive and helps to find a quick and meaningful resolution to your problem. The majority of the answers can be found in the FAQs of the platform itself, but in some cases, you might need to reach out to them. The following is the contact form through which you can get in touch with Craig himself.

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Most queries are resolved in under 24-hrs, but in some cases, it can take up to 3 business days to get back to you. Furthermore, the staff of Sociamonials does not operate on weekends as part of their healthy work-life balance nature. Hence, you might have to wait slightly longer over the weekend if you post in your grievance or query on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning.

And if your query is something that is more advanced, it might take a tad bit longer to resolve but rest assured it will be resolved. But make sure that you understand that the company operates with 3 people and hence handling queries does take some time despite the team’s best efforts. However, the resolution provided will be keeping up with standards of what the brand aims to deliver. 


In the wide array and rush of things, it’s easy to put aside your social media presence due to the sheer time and creativity it demands. However, Sociamonials puts back the social in social media and hence allows you to tap into the infinite potential that your creative team has to make the campaign successful. 

So, in our eyes, Craig Sherman’s creation is a complete winner as one of the best and most formidable tools for social media management. 

As we said, it’s time your business Broke through, do it with Sociamonials!. 

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