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Qwary Review – Get the Answers You Need.

Introduction to Qwary:

Collecting customer feedback to make your business or product better is one of the key concepts in business today. Without hearing from the people you are trying to serve, it’s impossible to stay competitive or come up with innovative products or services.

Just as you spend time and effort building your customer relationships, you need to put the same amount of effort into keeping in touch with them. Surveys are a great way to gather feedback from your customers and gain valuable insights into their satisfaction with your products or services. 

A survey can often be an eye-opening experience for a company, and it can provide important feedback that is vital to the success of your organization. However, creating a survey can be daunting, especially if you have never done it before. 

You’re growing your business and want to ensure you’re doing everything possible to please your customers. Why not use an all-inclusive, powerful feedback software that allows you to collect feedback anywhere, anytime? Let Qwary be your knight in shining armor.

Qwary is an online survey tool that helps businesses create custom surveys for any event. Whether you want to find out how your internal team feels about a recent project, or find out what your customers think about pricing changes, Qwary makes it easy and affordable to get the answers you need.

Providing over a hundred integrations, intelligent automation, and the ability to collect live feedback in multiple languages, on any device, and through any channel, Qwary is an all-in-one feedback platform. 

The Hustler’s Squad is here to give you the inside scoop on what this tool is all about. Let’s dig in – but first, a little background information about the team behind this amazing creation:

Who is at the helm of Qwary?

Qwary is an AI-powered platform founded in 2020 by two Gujarat University alumni, Vishal Rana (left) and Manoj Rana (right), in Herndon, Virginia. Founded to provide insights into business and products, Qwary was developed to help customers and clients stay engaged.

Vishal Rana:

Vishal Rana, one of Qwary’s founders, holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Gujarat University. He is a Java and J2EE engineer, with years of experience in the industry. His other areas of interest include open-source technologies, integration, and data service platforms using Weblogic Portal, and BPMN.

Manoj Rana:

Manoj Rana is the other founder of Qwary hailing from Washington DC who is also an alumnus of Gujarat University. Manoj’s expertise is on key aspects of Market Research, SaaS development, and Integrating Data from different sources to improve the Customer Experience (CX). 

How does Qwary work and what makes it so useful?

Qwary is a pretty amazing survey tool that can help you understand the results of your events and get comprehensive feedback about them. This helps you improve your event for next time and allows you to offer better products and services to your customers.

It’s important to know what your customers think. Qwary helps you create and manage surveys and helps you gather important insights from survey responses. Simply put, It gives you direct insight into how to take your customer’s problems and turn them into opportunities.

Here’s a closer look at Qwary’s features, how it works, and how it can help you to collect feedback, drive loyalty, and increase customer satisfaction.

Experience Surveys:

To be valuable to your customers, you need to understand their wants and needs. This means listening. By finding, understanding, and crafting the right responses, you can deliver a personalized experience, tailored to each customer.

However, Qwary makes it easy for you to ask targeted questions and gain actionable insights to create a special experience that your customers will value and remember. 

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Whether you’re marketing a business, product, service, or idea, you want to build a strong community that empowers and validates your efforts. The Customer Experience Surveys help you increase the value proposition to customers through engaging surveys allowing you to easily measure and perfect customer experiences.

Conversational Surveys:

In the age of conversational eCommerce, messaging platforms have become a major way of communicating with customers. This puts surveys directly into the hands of your customers offering businesses like yours the chance to further enhance the customer experience.

With Qwary, you can gather feedback from your employees and customers across all of the major messaging channels such as SMS Text and Facebook Messenger.

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With Qwary, you can simply deploy their easy-to-use templates on Facebook Messenger or in an SMS text message and begin gathering qualitative feedback from your customers. you can quickly and easily survey your customers in a highly personalized one-on-one fashion to get both structured and unstructured feedback.

Voice/AI Surveys:

With the rise of Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and other voice assistants in our homes, there is a major shift in how we collect information via surveys. Traditional surveys where you read a question and choose an answer just don’t feel right to the users anymore.

The tech industry is moving more and more towards conversational interfaces (think Siri, Alexa, Google Home, etc.), and Qwary is at the forefront with their voice survey tool.

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You can use Qwary’s Voice surveys to ask your customers for feedback on their shopping experience directly after leaving your store or placing their orders. This allows you to conduct accurate customer surveys, focus on improving your company’s bottom line, and implementing change where it’s needed.

Audience Panel:

Whether you’re a blogger, fashion designer, or entrepreneur, you may already have a pretty good idea of what you want to do. But whether or not it will sell is another story. That’s where the audience panel comes in – it will reveal if people like your idea and are willing to pay for it.

With Qwary, you can poll more than 100 million buyers from 150+ countries around the world, and put your concepts and ideas to the test in front of a real audience.

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Qwary’s audience panel is an amazing tool for testing and comparing different ideas and concepts. It is all about discovering your audience, learning their needs, wants, and desires. It’s the only way to truly understand your target audience – before you spend any money on marketing or advertising.

Video Surveys:

Video has been proven to be an efficient medium for improving customer loyalty and satisfaction. The direct connection between you and your audience is valuable in itself, but the most interesting part about video surveys is that it allows you to build up a strong connection.

One such option is Qwary’s video surveys feature which makes it easy to start a conversation with your potential or current customers and show them that you stand behind your company.

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Qwary helps you gather better feedback from customers. Instead of boring text fields, you can ask questions with video forms. This makes your surveys look and feel more human, which results in higher quality, more meaningful feedback. It allows you to speak to your customers in a language that they understand and keep them engaged throughout.

Text Analysis:

Free text-based questions are the best way to collect very detailed feedback from your customers and prospects. However, manually tallying up and analyzing these answers is time consuming and often impossible. You can simplify that problem with Qwary.

Ask your survey questions and Qwary will extract relevant data from any text answers in seconds. The length or complexity of the answer does not matter – Qwary will simplify your data analysis by quickly identifying what you need.

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Quarry’s artificial intelligence technology makes it incredibly easy to perform texts analysis. It helps marketers and business people get started using the power of texts analytics to gain actionable marketing insights from survey responses. In other words, it analyzes the vast amounts of largely unstructured data in seconds and tells you what that data means.

Pros & Cons of Qwary

In the area of customer feedback, few things are more valuable than asking your customers for their direct input. But many businesses don’t know where to start or think that building a survey is going to be too much work. In that scenario, Qwary proves to be nothing short of a goldmine.

Qwary is a powerful analytics-driven survey platform that collects feedback, drives loyalty, and increases satisfaction with personalized engagement at every step. It’s designed to help you collect customer feedback, turn it into actional insights, and build better products by getting your customers involved in the early process.

Now that you know the capabilities of Qwary, it’s time to weigh out its pro and cons, to find out whether this tool is a match for your project needs. 


  • With Qwary, you can carry out omnichannel surveys and get high-quality feedback that is helpful to your business development.
  • Qwary’s surveys are simple to create, easy to send, and look great on any device. 
  • The UI/UX on Qwary is super snappy and doesn’t lag at all and offers a super crisp and pleasing look.
  • With Qwary, you will be able to collect customer feedback in many different ways, including Website Surveys, Video Surveys, Text Surveys, Audio/AI Surveys, etc.
  • Qwary integrates with top tools and services including SalesForce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, Airtable, Zapier, MailChimp, and Microsoft.
  • By using the Net Promoter Score (NPS), Qwary lets you measure customer satisfaction, loyalty, and trust with a single number, providing a wealth of data with just one simple question.
  • Qwary has top-notch customer support that responds to inquiries, questions, or complaints promptly.
  • With Qwary, you’ll get access to a variety of pre-made surveys that you can customize to meet your needs using the available templates.
  • Using Qwary, you can generate visually detailed reports, view GeoIP data with a world map representation, compare answers by country, and even perform sentiment analysis.


  • The integration is very limited and requires Zapier, which might be out of reach for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • Qwary’s limitation on responses per month is another downside.

If you’re looking for a tool that is easy to use, yet offers great versatility, then Qwary may just be the best choice. That’s not to say there aren’t learning curves and the occasional bug to work out, but you can get effective results. 

It certainly won’t be the right tool for everything you need to collect customer feedback and make data-driven decisions. But it does have its strengths, and depending on the task at hand, it might be just what the doctor ordered.

Qwary’s Onboarding Process:

Getting started with Qwary is dead easy — you only need to create your free account, fill in your basic contact details and then get access to the dashboard. No technical mambo jumbo, no payment data, no bookkeeping — just the bare basics.

The best place to start is their homepage, where you can find all the details about this tool and get started with it for free. When you click on the Free Signup CTA, you will be taken to the next step in the process where you need to enter your basic personal information.

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In this step, you’re required to enter your basic contact details such as your Full Name, Email Address, and password. As soon as you enter your email address and password and click ‘Create Account,’ you will be able to access the dashboard.

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You will be brought to the Welcome Page, where you are greeted and given 14 days of free premium access. On this page, you can see an overview of all the features included in this plan, and clicking on “Get Started” will take you to your dashboard.

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The dashboard is where you control everything. This interface is used to control most of the important features and functions that Qwary offers. You can perform almost all the famous tasks through the user-friendly interface of Qwary.

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This is the first way you’ll see Qwary when you launch it. The interface uses a tabbed layout that makes it easy to navigate through each of its important features and functions. By default, the interface will look very busy and have several options displayed on the screen.

Even if you’re a beginner, everything you need is right there in front of your eyes, so you can get started right away. The interface is simple but jam-packed with features.

Qwary’s Pricing Plans:

A platform’s price is an important factor to consider when investing in it for your business. While there are great tools out there that don’t require you to spend a lot, there are also great tools that do. With Qwary, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get great service.

Qwary offers multiple plans for both individuals and businesses, including the Basic Plan, Advance Plan, and Pro Plan. Startups, students, and non-profits are also eligible for discounts.

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The Basic Plan starts with about $35 and allows up to 1,000 responses per month. It also includes Unlimited Surveys with a 2GB file storage capacity. The Advance plan starts at $70 and offers up to 3,000 responses per month with a 6GB file storage capacity.

The Pro plan comes with a bunch of extra add-ons and allows up to 7,500 responses at $129 per month. It features a 10GB file storage capacity with API access, webhooks, and sentiment analysis. Also, Qwary allows custom planning to meet your needs.

Qwary’s Customer Support:

The most successful businesses are those that build a strong connection or loyalty with their clients. Businesses often distinguish themselves from their competitors through outstanding customer service. 

In keeping with Qwary’s entire business model, the company takes customer support very seriously. When a customer has a problem, Qwary puts the customer first and handles their issues first.

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On their website, you can easily connect to their customer service center by clicking the HELP button on the bottom right corner. When you click on this, you will be directed to their contact page where you will be given several ways of getting in touch with the team along with some articles that can help you get started.

Additionally, you can direct your question to the team by clicking on the live support icon in the bottom right corner. They can answer any questions you have or even receive feedback from you.


When it comes to professional surveys, Qwary is nothing short of a Swiss Knife. With Qwary, you can create your mobile-friendly surveys, collect responses from your friends and colleagues, question them, and get powerful reporting and results.

Qwary is a multipurpose tool for many different purposes. Apart from being a survey tool, Qwary also helps users to scale big data into meaningful insights for better business decisions.

There are survey tools available out there but Qwary takes the crown when it comes to small business owners. This tool has all of the features that are required by most people and are priced so well, it makes this one of the best low-cost options for small businesses.

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