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OneStream Live Overview

Are you a YouTuber? An Instagrammer? A Tik-Toker? An Influencer? Or just anyone who just loves getting in front of the camera and getting in touch with people? Are you someone who wants to get a word out or essentially just use video as one of the key drivers to your business?

Chances are that you must be live-streaming a lot. And with the COVID-19 pandemic still running its toll, you might be using this little tool more than ever to stay up with the times, getting a word out, or just general chit-chatting with your audience. 

But with this kind of streak comes the responsibility of handling several means to stay in touch, i.e. multiple platforms to stream, with multiple timings, and whatnot. Things might go from 0 to 100 very quickly as it can get taxing a lot of times. 

Here to put all of those woes to an end, and essentially serving as a live streamer’s miracle, OneStream Live. As the name suggests, OneStream Live is your one-stop-shop solution to stream basically any kind of video on more than 40 platforms. Ranging from pre-recorded video to Virtual Reality videos to Augmented Reality videos to one to one connection, the possibilities are endless

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Whether you use a mobile device to stream, or your laptop/PC or use a dedicated setup like the pros, OneStream Live will seamlessly hook up with it as it’s a cloud-based service. It allows you to stream various kinds of videos of all major supported video formats and of varying qualities both in real-time or by scheduling them in advance. 

The biggest example of a pre-recorded live stream video is Apple’s iPhone 12 launch event that happened on 13th October 2020. Since there was no real audience present, the brand showed off its prowess by utilizing stunning animations and seamless transitions to announce the launch of one of the most loved products on the planet. 

With OneStream Live, you get the chance to unlock the potential to stream across 40+ platforms either one by one or simultaneously through one multi-streaming experience.

Catered for businesses, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to harness the power of Live Streaming, OneStream Live opens up new avenues to enthrall and engage your audience, hence driving your growth manifold and in turn driving more business. If you are interested in what all it can do for you, read on! 

Who is at the helm of the company?

It is a fairly recent born company and considering the amount of success it has had, it is quite phenomenal. The company was founded in 2014 after which it began its services for the public in 2017.

The company is based in Espoo, Finland founded by the CEO Mr. Hanan Naeem who holds a Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering. He has had a lengthy career as a telecom engineer and has experience of about ten years under his belt. He found Drizzles Inc. and while managing that company, he gained a lot of experience in executive roles. Owing to his skills, he managed to lay the foundation of OneStream and is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company.

Alongside him is an Engineer turned Entrepreneur Mr. Bilal Chaudhry who also has a lot of experience mentioned in his resume. His main expertise is in the field of Cloud Infrastructure Support and Security Engineering. Working as a corporate worker, he managed to gain a lot of skills that have now positioned him to take a leadership role alongside Hanan. Currently, he works as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in the company with him also being the co-founder of the company.

Apart from the administration, the technical side of the company is led by the Chief Technical Officer Mr. Shahzad Hussain who is a crucial part of the team. He has a strong background as a software developer and also a computer science expert. He has been a part of well-reputed organizations and till now he has been involved in the development field. Before beginning in OneStream, he was employed in Elisa Automate, and before that he was a Senior Developer at Ericsson for a total of six years. His various certifications and project management experience make him a strong executive employee for the organization.

Hanan Naeem- CEO at OneStream Live 

Thanks to the painstaking efforts and their drive to build something that they would call their own, the company has grown to a size of 19-full time employees along with garnering over 50,000 paying customers. With this kind of traction, you can surely expect some great things in store from the company and the platform.

How does OneStream Live work and what makes it so useful?

Now that you are aware of what the platform is all about and who all have worked in bringing this platform to reality, you might be keen to know what it does. And more importantly, how does it fulfill the wildest fantasies of multi-platform streaming of literally countless bloggers out there.

Before we actually dive into the nitty gritties of its features, we just want to tell you to brace yourselves as you are in for a show and will probably have your mind blown.

Here are the features that OneStream Live offers:

Social Media Streaming- THE ALMIGHTY ONE!

When you join, you automatically unlock the gates to streaming on over 40 platforms which include but are not limited to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitter’s Periscope, Twitch, and Instagram. There are also many others, and some you might not even know exist. So, you are covered at all times. 

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Schedule Live Streams

If you are a startup and are planning an awareness session for it, you can actually use a pre-recorded video to be streamed in advance. If you saw Apple’s annual iPhone event this year which was held virtually, that is the kind of thing we are talking about that you can do with this. 

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No Software Installations

If you have been using a streaming software like OBS, Zoom, Wirecast, XSplit, or any other, OneStream Live will automatically integrate and sync with it so you do not have to go over the hassles of installing anything extra on your device, all thanks to Cloud-based Architecture (we are looking at admiration to Bilal here). 

Cloud Storage Capability

Irrespective of which cloud storage service you use, Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, pCloud, iCloud or any other, you can easily pick up a video stored there and start streaming, hence saving effort and your internet bandwidth as well. 

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Different Upload Options

Use videos on your computer, open up the camera to record yourself or even do a screen capture and you can easily use any and all of these to stream now or at a later point in time.

Team Management

If you have already cracked through the solopreneur code and have moved into a team mode, then even that can be arranged as the platform allows you to add members to the platform to collaborate on your content and hence live stream much more efficiently.

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Custom RTMP Streaming

If you want to talk to your viewers through real-time messaging or just want them to be able to send you messages while you stream through your own platform, then even that is available. 

Analytics and Insights

In the data-driven world that we live in, it is imperative to know what efforts are bringing the most results so that you can double down on those and drive more traffic, and hence business by increasing user engagement.

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OneStream Live storage

When you have a world-class cloud architecture specialist at the helm, how can you expect the platform to leave you hanging? Depending on the plan you choose, you get various storage capacities through the OneStream Live storage which is their cloud-based storage service.

360° Videos Support

Whether you have recorded 180° video or even 360° videos, nothing is a challenge as the platform packs the punch to support all of these videos so that you can enthrall your audience like never before. 

Features aside, you might also want to know how it works as well. So, in this aspect, there are two use case scenarios:

  1. Using Pre-recorded Videos to live stream
  2. Live Streaming in Real-Time

So let’s take them both one at a time. First up, Using Pre-Recorded Videos to live stream. The method to do this is pretty simple and takes a few clicks at most to do. Here is how you can do it. 

  • Step 1– Select the Pre-Recorded Video from your computer or your cloud storage that you want to stream in your session. 
  • Step 2– Schedule the date and time when you want it to go live from your ID automatically. 
  • Step 3– Pick the streaming platforms/destinations where it should stream. You can choose to set different times for each platform or stream simultaneously at once. Don’t worry about the processing, transcoding, or streaming as all of that is handled automatically by the platform itself.

And that is it, you are all set to engage your viewers automatically, even if you are not able to be present there yourself, the live stream will happen unless you cancel it explicitly.

Next up is doing a full live stream. Here are the steps you will have to follow:

  • Step 1– Get your streaming settings like the RTMP, Server URL, and Stream Key from the OneStream Live Dashboard. 
  • Step 2– Set up the external streaming platform that you use like OBS, Zoom, Wirecast, XSplit, or whatever, and send the stream to OneStream Live Servers through the settings you just obtained. 
  • Step 3– Now, select the destinations/platforms where you want to stream. You can stream on one platform at a time, or feel like a celeb by multi-streaming in one go on various platforms. 

And that is it! That is all there is to it! As easy as 1,2,3, the platform has made the process pretty easy and straightforward to make sure even amateurs and newbies to streaming can also get down to business in a jiffy. As you get more experienced with it, you can upgrade your tier or plan to unlock more features to make sure that your content grows and keeps up with the pace of the times and the growth of your business.

Pros and Cons of OneStream Live 

In the chaotic and advertisement full world where everyone has their own perception about their own product and are more than willing to put down some other product, OneStream Live actually lets the product speak for itself. Thanks to its practical and feature-rich approach, the platform is teeming with raving reviews about its capabilities. 

One of their most loved things that all users like is the highly responsive and helpful support staff that makes life a lot easier for everyone. But here are some other Pros and Cons of OneStream Live from the mouths of the users themselves:


  • Works flawlessly on all streaming platform
  • Can easily double back in place of an in-person meeting
  • Very responsive and helpful customer service
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Easy to use 
  • Very thorough interface with professional features
  • Incredibly responsive to bug reports
  • No watermarks even in the free plan
  • Very user friendly
  • Multiple platforms streaming at the same time


  • Takes some time to learn all the features for optimal usage
  • Needs a little finesse in the UI
  • Scheduling more than one day in advance is not possible

Like any product or platform, there are some shortfalls since no product is perfect. However, the OneStream Live is damn near it which is why they have gotten the traction that they have today. With the flexibility of scheduling and the versatility of streaming on more than 3 platforms at one time, OneStream Live has clearly given the people what the live streaming lovers had been searching for all this while. 

With the kind of benefits it has, you can easily overlook the kind of shortfalls it has. Hence, you can very well enjoy a hassle-free experience and stream to various platforms seamlessly.

OneStream Live Onboarding Process

If you have reached here, then you are probably more than interested in the platform. In the words of Tyrese Gibson A.K.A. Roman Pearce from the Fast and Furious movie franchise:

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Well, if this is what you are after, then here is what you can do for that. Head over to the home page and you will be welcomed by a dark page with a black background and the brand’s target in essentially one line. The upper part houses the various menus that are decorated going from the center to the right.

At the end of those menus, there is a red-colored CTA saying, “Sign up for Free”. And a similar kind of button is on the bottom of the screen in the first fold saying, “Stream Now”. 

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Click on either of those buttons, and you will be redirected to the same signup page. Here you will have the option of either using a service like Google or Facebook to sign up or the conventional method of putting in your name, email address, and password.

While the method of using a Google or Facebook sign up seems easy, we would recommend you to use the conventional method so that the data is delivered to the mail ID that is catered specially for your business tasks and you do not end up getting spammed on your personal email.

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Once you put in your details, you will be given an intimation that will tell you to head over to the email address that you had put in earlier and activate your account. While it seems like a hassle, it also lets the platform know that you have put in a legitimate business ID and not a ruse to reach the dashboard.

Once, you head over to the mail, and activate the account, you will have to log in to the platform again. Once you are done with that, you will finally reach the dashboard which will welcome you with a help guide of sorts as below:

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You can either skip the guide and understand the learning curve the hard way by yourself (not really that hard actually), or you can browse through the guide, let it hand hold you, and understand how you can maximize the usage of the dashboard and make the impact you want to.

Ultimately, when you are done with that, the pop-up window will close by itself and you will get to see the actual dashboard on which you will see all the 49 platforms that you can connect to as your social media accounts. Irrespective of which plan of subscription you choose, you can only hold up to 8 social media accounts with the platform, which in reality is more than what any company might operate on.

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Once you are done connecting to the social media accounts by giving the platform all the requisite permissions and whatnot, finally the dashboard will come into display. There are the various menus in black on one side as is visible during the social media account connection, and the other side will hold one-stop data and metrics about all the streams that are ongoing, that are scheduled, the number of accounts connected, and broad analytics about all the streams you have done so far.

Browse a little downwards on the metric side of the dashboard and you will also see a graph of the basic platforms about your streaming summary in the past 6 days.

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On the menu side of things, every feature is reachable and operable with the click of a button really. Managing your team, adding members, adding accounts, browsing through your video libraries on cloud storage, everything is accessible easily. Browse all the way through to the bottom and you will see the full-blown Analytics and Insights tab which will be unlocked in the Standard and Professional plans. 

These will analyze all of your data and then give you key insights about where your efforts are bringing in the most results, and what kind of engagement did it. Anything and everything that you might ever need to make an informed decision, OneStream Live will give it to you.

OneStream Live Pricing Structure

To keep their users engrossed, OneStream offers 4 tiers of pricing plans, Free, Basic, Standard, and Professional. Each tier builds on the premise of the previous one and adds or upgrades the functionality to suit the kind of money you are paying. There are two ways of getting billed, monthly, or yearly. If you opt for the yearly billing, you can save 20% on the total amount as compared to getting a monthly payment schedule.

The Free plan offers fairly basic features, however, some of the key features like streaming and scheduling are all unlimited even for the freebies which give you a taste of what’s in store if you start paying them. 

The Basic Plan with a monthly price of $10, adds some much-needed functionality and leaves the door open to get you a bang for the buck offer that is housed in the Standard Plan. 

Monthly Billing (Price Per Month)$0$10$39$89
Yearly Billing (Price Per Month) $0$8$32$74
Key FeaturesUnlimited Live StreamingAdds/Upgrades to Free planAdds/Upgrades to Basic PlanAdds/Upgrades to Standard Plan
Keep filling up the scheduling queue as soon as the slot is available. There is no monthly limit on the number of streams!Real-time Streaming15 Queued streams at a time30 Queued streams at a time
Pre-recorded StreamingMultistream an incoming stream (via OBS, Zoom, etc.) to multiple social media platforms simultaneously.1 hr max Each live stream8 hrs max Each live stream
Use recorded video files and stream those live to multiple social media platforms.Multicasting Allowed For longer video, only first 60 minutes will be streamed live to the selected social accountFor longer video, only first 8 hours will be streamed live to the selected social account
No Real-time StreamingScheduling streams to multiple social media accounts at the same time is allowed25 Social Accounts50 Social Accounts
Real-time multicasting features are not available for this plan.3 Queued streams at a timeUnlimited file size via a cloud8 hrs Camera recording
No Multicasting15 min max Each live streamFor files larger than 5 GB, use cloud storage8 hrs Screen capturing
Scheduling streams to multiple social media accounts at the same time is not allowed.For longer video, only first 15 minutes will be streamed live to the selected social accountRecorded video broadcasting50 GB file storage
1 Queued stream at a time3 Social accountsSchedule any pre-recorded video to go live on social mediaLive Customer Support During working hours
Number of scheduled streams in the queue at any given time (This is not a weekly or monthly limit)5 GB max video file size60 min Camera recording4 Team Members
5 min max Each live streamRecorded video broadcasting60 min Screen capturingAnalytics & Insights
For longer video, only first 5 minutes will be streamed live to the selected social accountSchedule any pre-recorded video to go live on social media.20 GB file storageFacebook Live Crossposting
1 Social account15 min Camera recordingPriority Email SupportOne-on-one training
The number of Social Accounts you can connect to OneStream. For example: 2 Facebook Pages, 3 Facebook Groups, 2 YouTube Channels and 1 Twitch Account would count as 8 Social Accounts in total.Record directly from your device camera and schedule the video for live streaming later.No video file size limit when uploaded via cloud storagesIn-depth training for every member of your team to help you get the most out of OneStream
5 GB max video file size360° videos supportedCustom Logo / OverlayDedicated customer success manager
Recorded video broadcastingRecorded 180° and 360° videos can be live-streamedAdd your own logo & branding on your live streams
Schedule any pre-recorded video to go live on social media.Looping allowedTeam Management
5 min Camera recordingVideo loops possible during 15 min of each streamInvite people to your team, so they can contribute & help managing live streams for the social accounts you connect
Record directly from your device camera and schedule the video for live streaming later.5 GB file storageTeam Storage
5 min Screen capturingUploaded videos are saved and can be reused for streamingShare your storage with your team members
Email support2 Team Members
Analytics & Insights

With more than anything you would need in your streaming requirements, the Standard plan at $39 per month offers up some of the best features and functions for the price. The Professional Plan with a monthly price of $89 is mostly for those who want more of everything as it’s essentially an upgrade from the Standard plan.

Among the 4 tiers of payments, it’s quite natural that you may not want to get into a paying commitment with the platform. Hence, stick to the 14-day trial period of the Free plan and test the waters to discover the true potential of live streaming and how the platform can make your streaming needs a breeze. 

Furthermore, the best part is that if none of the current plans don’t impress you or satisfy your needs, you can easily ping up the team and discuss your needs and wants to get your own custom made plan and pay the subscription fees fitting that plan. It is due to this robustness and flexibility that the platform has been able to garner over 50,000 paying customers in so little time of just over 3 years. 

If it was up to us, we would recommend you to pick up the Standard Plan with monthly billing as it allows you to unlock the full potential of the platform without falling too heavy on your pocket. Especially if you are trying to keep costs low. Now many of you might be considering why we are recommending the higher-priced monthly billing as compared to the cheaper yearly billing.

The reason behind this is simple. You can cancel at any time and walk away when you want to, while in the yearly billing, despite the reduced price, you will be paying $384 at once which does not exactly scream lean costs. Furthermore, if you do not find yourself using it after a few months, you are still out money that you cannot get back, hence the monthly subscription is the more practical solution here. 

OneStream Live Customer Support

“Behind every successful man is a woman.” Something that you might have heard practically everywhere. While that is true on many accounts, we took the liberty of rephrasing it to- 

“Behind every successful business are happy and paying customers.” When you read that, you are probably imagining something like Fry from Futurama going like:

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But it’s nothing like that in reality. The customers are actually wilfully spending their money on OneStream Live because it’s actually a good product. Hence, if you might run into some snag, you can always hit them up to solve your query or doubts. The basic way of doing this it to use the Live Chat or Chatbot that is omnipresent throughout all the pages of the website. When you reach the home page, you will find it perched in the bottom right corner in red. 

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Click on it, and a window will open up which will automatically give you an option of either typing in your query or searching your topic on the helpdesk. You can even use emojis and photos to make sure you can convey what exactly is plaguing your experience. More times than not, you might be able to find the answer through the Live Chat, otherwise, it will redirect you to the Helpdesk page or give you the email address on which you can get in touch with someone. 

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If you are not in a mood to chat with anyone, you will have to browse all the way down through the single pager website to the “Sitemap” section. By the time you reach there, you will be viewing some options on a white background that is the polar opposite of the black and darkened screen that welcomes you to the website. 

You will see three tabs there, “Learn More”, “Resources” and “Contact Us”  each of which will have some nested options to pick from.

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If you are not in the mood to go through the process of Live Chat, then you can either mail directly to [email protected] or you can click on the Helpdesk button.

When you click on Helpdesk, you will automatically be redirected to their resource page which will have neatly curated lists of FAQs, platform wise articles, and feature-wise articles to help you with whatever you are facing a problem with. You can also save yourself some time and click here to go there-

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The Helpdesk is essentially a repository of information that will get you going to your task very easily. Additionally, you can actually pick up some extra tips and tricks to go about your task in a much faster and efficient way as well since these have been written and curated by the platform creators themselves. 95% of the time, you will find a solution to your issue here itself. Otherwise, there is always the option of emailing them directly.

The team is super responsive and diverts all of their energy in solving your problems very quickly. Hence you will never find yourself hanging in the dry as the team will either solve the issue for you or it might give you a different way of doing your task.

Keeping the platform bug free is of paramount importance for them and hence if your problem pertains to a bug, that will be solved pronto and you will actually get some added functionality after resolution. Hanan and Bilal have taken a keen liking to keep things clean and tidy and running a tight ship on things which is how the platform has been able to garner the following and rave reviews they have today.

With a 4.8 star rating on Trustpilot, and 95% of the reviews talking about their great customer service, you can rest assured that you are always covered.


When the deal being made is so sweet, it’s hard to resist. And this is one arena where we would definitely recommend you to cater to the child in you and take the plunge without thinking a lot. If you have ever felt camera shy or ever wanted something that can do a million things for your video and help get the word out in the form of a live stream, then OneStream Live is definitely the one for you. 

It’s versatile, practical, and actually solves a real-world problem that has plagued all the bloggers, vloggers, streamers, and pretty much anyone else who has used live streams to connect to an audience. Hence, if you want to be called the trendsetter of your club in terms of video streaming, it’s time to shift things into high gear and get artisan(ing) with OneStream Live. 

So, there is only one thing left to say then, Bring on the thunder, cause we got the Clouds to Stream.