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Missinglettr Review And Overview – Drip up a Social Campaign Storm

Missinglettr Overview

When you are starting out on your startup journey, you might be a hardcore believer of the “lean startup” ideology and hence might be all for minimizing costs to ensure maximum profits. Thus, reusability becomes the name of the game for each startup owner. Now, this approach is not limited just for startups with actual hardware-based startups but can also be used for small asset and software-based companies. So how about a platform that can do that for your social media? 

Here to answer that question is Missinglettr. The platform that can reuse and redesign your posts on social media and form yearly campaigns around that post, which can draw in more traffic and hence more business.

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If you are new to the startup game, and a total noob to the campaign game, you are probably not aware of drip campaign modules, which is where Missinglettr specializes. So, drip modules are tools that are used by almost every major website today to get more customers.

They work in a way where the email details of a person who visits the website are captured, and a mail is sent to them later to get them back on the website to try to convert them into a customer. 

Missinglettr does just that by creating an entire yearly campaign out of your social media posts, and will meticulously and judiciously use them throughout the years in different emails to send to the users depending on their interests and visits. Sounds too technical? Don’t worry; it isn’t. Let’s get you started about the platform.

In this Missinglettr review we are going to discuss in detail about the features of Missinglettr, It’s onboarding process, It’s price and how you can use this to boost your brand’s social media presence.

Who is at the Helm of Missinglettr

Missinglettr was born in London, England, in 2015 by Benjamin Dell who is an expert in SaaS-based products and a serial entrepreneur. 

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A Computer Science engineer from the University of Liverpool, Benjamin has had ample experience in startups and corporates alike. In his career that has spanned almost two decades now, he has created and overseen the development of many products, including a web agency, which he helmed for over ten years, and was acquired later. 

Besides that agency, he also made two ventures into SaaS products, both of which got acquired later. So, in essentiality, this is a man who knows what he’s doing and understands the market he is trying to tap into, and you can very well count on this product getting acquired as well.

What makes Missinglettr useful

Well, like any other tool, Missinglettr strives to find a market of drip campaigns that have long remained untapped by many marketers. While it’s not something that has eluded most companies, not all of them have used it for its full potential. The following are the ways that Missinglettr allows you to tap into the potential of drip campaign:

Detection of new blog posts

Depending on which social media platform you choose to link with Missinglettr, it will automatically detect new blog posts and start a planning process of a roughed-out yearly campaign around that post. 

Automatic Social Campaigns

From the blog post it detected earlier, the social campaign starts to get worked out and then curated in the repository. This can allow you to accumulate years of social media campaign material for emailing your prospective clients and use them as and when needed. 


Optimized Social Content

While you might want to get the word about your brand out there, it’s easy to overlook its aesthetics and appeal since both of these are time-consuming processes. Thankfully, Missinglettr has a social content optimization feature that can automatically crop and create beautifully designed posts so that your brand can get the exposure it needs. 

Promote Guest Posts

Are you into doing guest articles? Then make sure that they get the attention and exposure they deserve. You can either use the optimization tools to turn it into a beautiful post or create a drip campaign around it to create a drip campaign for your social media channels. 

Hashtag Recommendations

Using the right hashtags is one of the key factors in determining your success on any given social media channel. So, to make the most of every post, Missinglettr will provide you with customized hashtag recommendations for the best exposure for your post. You can either use all recommendations or a few, depending on your needs and requirements. 

Content Templates

In the world of social media, the competition to get noticed by the user is getting more and more cutthroat with each passing minute. To make sure that you stand out from the crowd, Missinglettr allows you to choose from beautifully designed templates to up your game and get noticed and engaged more easily.

Schedule Templates

Though the default setting of Missinglettr is to set up 12-month drip campaigns, the platform gives you control to decide what kind of timeline you want for your campaign. Ranging from 2 weeks to 12 months, there are many tweaks that you can do to make the most of each post. 

Medium Repurposing

Posting on Medium can give you the traffic that you never thought you could garner. Through Missinglettr, you can automatically repost a blog post on Medium right after you have posted it on your website/blog, thus increasing the traffic, without venturing into the negative impact of SEO. 

50% off ANY Missinglettr plan for 1st 3 months

Client Approvals

While it’s great to use Missinglettr for your own use, you can also use it as your hidden tool for creating campaigns for your company’s other clients. And when you are done creating the campaign, you can even invite them to go over it and give you feedback on it in terms of improvement or kudos. 

Custom URL Shorteners

Instead of heading over to a specific platform to shorten your URL, you can actually use the plethora of URL shorteners on Missinglettr itself. The platform has tie-ups with all major URL shorteners like bit.ly and pixel.me, among others, to allow you to make that job easier. 

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Branded Imagery

Branding is not just going to protect your social media content; rather also gets your name out there as a great content creator. Missinglettr also has templates for custom branding to ensure that every post can get a different version of you.

ROI and Analytics

Once you have gotten the word out and have started with your drip campaigns, it’s time to see what results from those efforts are bringing. Missinglettr uses analytics to find out how your posts are performing over time to draw out key insights and double down your efforts on where it matters.

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With so many fruitful uses, it’s hard to fault Missinglettr for anything pertaining to a social content drip campaign. From setting up the campaign to tracking your growth from it, there is a lot that the tool can do for you.

Pros and Cons of Missinglettr

While the why it is useful is where a product’s strength lies, we as the social animals we are more drawn to a product and its likeability when someone from our circle or enough number of people from our domain have vouched for it or pointed out its flaws. On that note, the following are the Pros and Cons of Missinglettr:


  • Helps save time for strategizing
  • Helps in maintaining consistency
  • Helps to reach a niche audience
  • Automatic multi-post campaign setup comes in handy
  • Allows a lot of customizability
  • Reviewing the campaign is easy
  • Automation makes time for other tasks
  • Custom Branding helps in creating a brand identity


  • New feature roll-outs are buggy
  • Social media platforms are limited
  • Scheduling campaigns is difficult
  • Some features are reserved for upper-tier only

For any product, there are its own highs and lows. Thankfully, with Missinglettr, there are more highs than lows, and even the lows are kinks that are being worked out as we speak. With Dell’s vision and execution, Missinglettr is progressing to deliver a scot-free experience to all its buyers. 

Missinglettr Onboarding Process

Now that you know what to expect from the platform and what it can do for you, along with the users’ experience of using Missinglettr, you might want to get in on that action. As you reach the homepage, you are welcomed with a very aesthetically pleasing and color-popping homepage that has the various menus designed from the center to the right and other call-to-action buttons decorated all around the page. The following is what it will look like:

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On the top right corner, you will see the “Sign In” button. This is for users who are already registered to use the tool. But it can also function as a way to register. Click on this button, and you will be redirected to a page that will look like this:

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As you see, it asks you if you don’t have an account and gives you the option to go to the “Sign Up” Page. Click on the “sign up here” text, and you will be redirected to the pricing page, which will look like this:

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Here you can decide which type of billing you need to get and then head over to the dashboard. But the caveat in this method is that you will end up paying first.

So, the other way is to go back to the homepage and click the pink-colored “Get Started for Free” button and you will be redirected to a very different page. That page will be the following page:

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Here, you will need to fill in your details and choose whether or not you want to keep in touch with them or not, which is just a way to get you on their newsletter mailing list. Once you fill these fields out, you will be redirected to the next page where you will have to fill out the details about what social media channels you use and what kind of material would you like to promote. The following is that page:

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Once you click on any platform, you will have to sign in to it and then give the pre-requisite permissions for the platform. Once that is done, and you have completed all the other things in setting up the account, you will reach the dashboard where you can control all the operations of the platform. The dashboard is relatively simple and looks like:

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Here you can go through the menus on the left to access the various functionalities, and also see the engagement metrics in graphical form on the right side of the screen. The campaigns that are pending are available at the bottom of the screen while the approved ones can be accessed by the “Campaigns Running” button at the center of the screen.

Overall, the platform usage is fairly simple and allows you to get the majority of the data with just a few clicks.

Missinglettr Pricing Structure

With the slew of campaign creation and management tools available around the web, the competition for choosing the right kind of platform actually becomes much more of a hassle than a privilege. Not to forget the rock bottom prices that almost everyone offers today. 

Thankfully, Missinglettr stands out very easily with its properly designed features that have benefited over 20,000 users so far. So, if you want to get on that bandwagon, you will have to choose between two tiers, Solo and Pro. You also get to choose which kind of billing you want to get, monthly or yearly. So here are the inclusions that come with each tier:

50% off ANY Missinglettr plan for 1st 3 months

Monthly Billing (price per month)$9$39
Yearly Billing (price per month)$7$22
Content Promotion
Automated CampaignsYesYes
Manual CampaignsYesYes
Campaign EditorYesYes
URL Shortener for Advanced AnalyticsYesYes
Support for Guest Posts and Curated CampaignsNoYes
Quote Bubble and Branding CustomizationNoYes
Custom Schedule TemplatesNoYes
Custom Post TemplatesNoYes
Automatic repost to MediumNoYes
Advanced AnalyticsNoYes
Social Media Management
Directly Schedule PostsYesYes
Schedule View incl. Drag & Drop EditorYesYes
Tailored Posts & Optimized Social Media ImagesYesYes
Supported Social NetworksYesYes
Self-Service Knowledge BaseYesYes
On-site Messenger & Email SupportYesYes
Additional Features
Media Assets DownloadYesYes

The only limitations that you see in the Solo package are in Content Promotion features, which are essentially the main features that this platform is built around. That being said, you will still get a lot of the basic features for an amateur if you are just entering the world of campaigning. 

We would recommend you to get the Starter Pack with the monthly billing as that will allow you to see if the tool is getting you closer to your goals and then decide whether you want a more long term investment.

Missinglettr Customer Support

One of the biggest reasons why tech conglomerates have become conglomerates is the way they handle their customers. It’s because they made sure that their customers’ voices were heard and their notions and problems were resolved that people trust them to the extent they do today. 

E.g., when someone says reliable cars, your mind automatically goes towards Toyota. This is because their campaigns and products and more dominantly, their customer support has heard the customers and solved their issues to ensure a hassle-free experience. 

In the same way, Missinglettr allows you to interact with Benjamin himself by using the chatbot that is available at the bottom right corner. Click on it, and you can resolve the majority of your basic queries through this. This chatbot is available across all pages, and hence you can get resolution at any time. The following is what the chatbot will look like:

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If in some cases, the chatbot is not able to give you a resolution to your problem, it will give you an email address on which you can send detailed info about your problem, and the team of Missinglettr will personally reply to you with the solution. The email ID is [email protected]. The usual response time varies between a few hours to 2 working days.

Though your campaign tool will work 24×7 on all days of the year, the customer support team is available only on weekdays. If you drop a mail on the weekends, then you can actually expect to wait longer as the team will get back to you on the proceeding Monday. 

Final Verdict

Missinglettr certainly taps into an aspect of campaign marketing that has remained unexplored for some time now. It allows you to consistently post on your chosen social media channels to allow your brand to get the word out about the products and offerings and hence create your brand image in the prospective users’ minds. 

Furthermore, its price is reasonably low and allows a 14-day trial period to dabble with its usability before you take the plunge. 

Overall, Missinglettr is a great tool for all of you out there who want to get a digital footprint out there and hence assert your dominance in your buyers’ minds. So, get down and get busy; your social media storm awaits you.