JotURL review

JotURL Review and Overview- Link your way to Success

JotURL Overview

When it comes to driving traffic to your website or marketing your brand to get more traffic to your website and garner more sales, one aspect remains forever constant. The link. 

In the world of digital economies and the ever-growing dominance of the world wide web, it’s easy to get lost in the whole spectrum of things and hence forget the link’s core purpose, which is to determine and monitor the progress of your brand and tracking the conversions. 

Unless you can draw out key insight from your efforts and restructure your strategy, you are playing the field with one hand tied behind your back. Enter JotURL. 

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JotURL is an effective all-in-one platform to let you get the best from all your marketing activities and efforts. Ranging from how to increase engagement, tracking the CTR or the click-through rate of your marketing campaigns, and drawing out key metrics of your conversions, JotURL can get the job done. 

Now, you might be thinking that you can also use Google Analytics for that. However, it is relatively limited in its approach and can only offer you a brief overview of the campaign and not ways on how to improve. 

JotURL actually finds a seamless integration with any medium of the modern-day like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other tangential platforms as well, as long as it pertains to marketing. 

Instead of eroding the pre-laid foundations of digital marketing and marketing campaigns, the platform actually chimes in and complements the current tools that you have in place. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into what this tool is all about.

In this JotURL review we’ll deeply discuss all the Pros and Cons, benefits, ease of usage & onboarding, and cost-effectiveness in detail.

Who is at the Helm of JotURL

Behind every great product is a team that is going all out to make sure that their product alleviates the people’s problems, all the while helping them further their brand value and dominance in the market. 

While JotURL is a fairly new product, it has been around for some time now. JotURL was founded in 2013 in the city of Milan. 

JotURL was founded by Janosch Lenzi, who is a serial entrepreneur and knows the ins and outs of the digital marketing domain. Before JotURL, he has started several other companies and worked as an advisor for a few startups as well.

joturl founders
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Besides Janosch, Stefano Pisani serves as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the company. Pisani has had years of experience as a digital marketer and as a growth hacker. His methods revolve around generating new leads and furthering the business’s stance in and around LinkedIn. 

There is also Andrea D’Aietti, who handles the day-to-day operations and serves as the Chief Operating Officer for JotURL. His experience revolves around his entrepreneurial ventures. His years of extensive work in the sales, marketing, and digital marketing world have allowed him to have breakthrough ventures both in Italy and abroad. 

While the company has been around for 7 years now, it now employs 17 full-time employees and has diversified and expanded to three locations, in and around Italy only. A startup that has worked with a lean model, this marks a massive growth in their process.

How does JotURL work, and what makes it so useful?

For all the fanatics of digital marketing, who swear by it for garnering more business, JotURL is a dream-suite. With its numerous uses that revolve around the “Link,” the platform takes a deep dive into your business sources and lets you know what is working and what is not. And the best part is that it does that without installing any software or local code. 

The target customer audience of the platform is web agencies, Marketing and Performance agencies, Publishers, Advertisers, Social Media Marketers and “Influencers,” Affiliate marketers, Brands, E-commerce business owners, and online retailers of all kinds, and everyone else who wants to achieve any success on the world wide web. 

The methods that JotURL employs to achieve its before-mentioned targets are:

Branded Links

The platform allows you to shorten your links while ensuring that your brand name is reflected in each link you make. 


CTAs or calls-to-action can be customized on JotURL to drive more traffic to your website, resulting in positive conversions.


The endpoint of all digital marketing campaigns and even the conventional marketing and advertising campaigns is to drive sales via conversions. Thankfully, with this platform, every click, sales, installs, downloads, leads, sign-ups, new clients can all be tracked to help you generate key insights about your business.

Retargeting Links

It may often happen that a possible lead may just come and visit a page, not complete the intended purpose of that page, or might add some things to the cart of the website and not complete the purchase. Retargeting links can help you get those customers back to get more conversions.

Deep Linking

JotURL allows you to deep-link specific items on a page rather than just the home page or a product page, resulting in a better conversion rate.


Every link on your website should lead to a page. Any broken link and the user might lose interest and leave. So besides the loss in sales, you will also have to incur more costs to get issues like these sorted. JotURL tracks link 24×7, and hence you can leave worry about the links to the platform, which will let you know if it encounters such a problem. 

Trend Analytics

In the growing world of AI and ML, the analytics might need to come in handy fairly regularly. The analytics dashboard uses graphs, data, and visual means to help you track all your traffic, conversions, revenues and costs, calls-to-action metrics, and even your remarketing clicks. All of these can help you make informed decisions for your business and drive your business to success. 

With all of these measures in place, the tool truly complements and grows the functionality of a basic webmaster tool to a full-blown suite to help you make sure that your money is being put to good use and every effort made is giving a fruitful outcome. 

Pros and Cons of JotURL

In an era where every product proclaims itself to be the best one, it’s hard to filter out the good from the great as every brand says that it has the best product of all time. Thankfully, there are still ways to find the practicality and effectiveness of a tool/platform. In an era of social media, it’s hard to hide the truth as well. So, here are some Pros and Cons of JotURL right from the mouth of the users. 

The Good (Pros)

  • Great for outbound sales 
  • Very versatile 
  • Allows linking, CTA, and marketing in one platform
  • Great for digital marketing and advertising
  • A plethora of custom options to build the perfect link
  • Great for tracking traffic and defining channels
  • Centralization of functions
  • More tools than any other known platform in the segment

The Bad (Cons)

  • The UI is a bit confusing for beginners
  • Setting up is a little confusing
  • UI and Analytics representation needs to be improved

JotURL has gone ahead and proved how to make sure that the people are happy with the tool that has been created. As evident, most users are more than happy with the tool and have become long time patrons for it. And hence, the Pros far outweigh the Cons, making the entire experience worthwhile for the users and the platform builders alike.

JotURL Onboarding Process

Now that you know about what kind of prowess the platform packs, you might be itching to join the bandwagon. To get in on the magic, let us help you walk through the process. First, you when you visit the homepage of JotURL, you will get the following screen where you will find the “Sign up for Free” button on the top right corner, and another “Try it for Free” in the center of the screen:

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Click on the “Try it for Free” button. Just so you know, you JotURL offers a 14-day trial period with limited functionality, but is enough to give you a taste of its capabilities, and yet leave you wanting for more. 

So when you click on this button, you will be redirected to the registration page, which looks something like this:

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We would recommend you choose the Google signup method that is reasonably convenient and allows you to save some hassles of putting in every detail and stuff. But if you don’t mind filling up the registration form, then, by all means, use that method. 

Anyway, once you are done signing up before you reach the dashboard, you will be welcomed by a page with a pop-up that asks you to put in your card details along with a plan of choice. The following is the page you will see:

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When you press the “X” button, it will warn you that you will not be able to create any links, etc. and will only be allowed to use the basic functionality for a limited period of 14-days. Once you accept that, you will reach the platform’s dashboard, which is actually where the magic happens. The following is what the dashboard looks like:

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To get you started with the tool, a help wizard of sorts also pops up that tells you about the various functionalities. There are a total of 9 cards that you can go through to understand the basic working of the platform. The following is what the help wizard tool will look like on the dashboard:

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Once you cycle through all the help tools and understand what all menus do, you are all set to start rolling to get started on your first campaign. There are five tabs on the top toolbar, each of which is for a different function that can be read when you hover on it. On the extreme right side of the top toolbar are the notifications, helpful tools, and basic account settings. 

Many users have reported that the platform is relatively advanced. Hence, you might need to go through the help videos to understand the platform’s entire working to utilize its full potential. At times, the person’s heavy accent in the video might be a little hard to understand, but you can go through it fairly easily to set up the right kind of campaign for your business. 

JotURL Pricing Structure

To ensure that the product remains likable and pocket friendly, JotURL offers three tiers of its services, Growth, Pro, and Business. Like most of the products on the market, you can choose between a monthly payout or one time yearly payout on the tier of choice. The following are the coverages you will get in each tier:

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Monthly Billing (price per month)$9$69$169
Yearly Billing (price per months)$7$55$155
Branded links2,00030,0001,00,000
Projects (campaigns)unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Analytics data storage1 year1 year2 years
Max number of permissions for your team members26
Custom tracking linksYesYesYes
Custom branded QR code templates1050100
Dynamic QR codesYesYesYes
Custom domains31030
Remove JotUrl branding (CTAs)YesYesYes
Your custom logo in reportsNoYesYes
Custom CSS for your CTAsNoYesYes
Edit and delete linksYesYesYes
Link health monitorYesYesYes
Number of CTAsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Customizable CTA templatesallallall
Remarketing/retargeting pixels IDs5UnlimitedUnlimited
Track conversions, revenues, and commissionsYesYesYes
Smart redirector (targeting)YesYesYes
Affiliate marketing tools (link masking, 301 redirects, commission tracking, ...)YesYesYes
Smart link rotatorYesYesYes
Split A/B testingYesYesYes
Password-protected linksYesYesYes
JotBar (customizable intermediate pages)YesYesYes
Mini pages (custom responsive landing pages)YesYesYes
HTTPS linksYesYesYes
SSL certificates managementYesYesYes
Easy deep linkingYesYesYes
Edit link preview (Open Graph tags)YesYesYes
App/advanced deep linkingYesYesYes
Time-scheduled tracking linksYesYesYes
State-of-the-art link security monitorYesYesYes
Click fraud monitoring/protectionYesYesYes
UTM & Parameters BuilderYesYesYes
Max number of UTM templates31030
Advanced link content monitor (watchdog)NoYesYes
WhatsUrl: start a chat from a link, with a custom message and emojisNoYesYes
InstaUrl: link your Bio on InstagramNoYesYes
Custom remarketing scriptsNoYesYes
Maximum number of items in the media library5,00025,00075,000
Maximum size of the media library50M250M750M
CDN traffic/month500M10G50G
Standard email supportYesYesYes
Priority email supportNoYesYes
Phone supportNoNoYes

With such an elaborate feature list, you might find it hard to choose which package you want to pick. However, we would recommend you to test the waters with the Growth package for the first month with a monthly payout plan. If you find its features useful enough, we would recommend you to get the Pro package as you will be able to unlock the bulk of its features and make the most of this tool. 

While the annual plan allows you to save some money for your business in the long term, we would recommend the monthly payout at least for the first 6 months as it allows you the flexibility of leaving the bandwagon when you wand and not lose any money when you decide to do so.

Biggest clients

With a product that has proven its mettle time and again and how seamlessly it can blend with any type of marketing and advertising medium, its quite natural that the brand has garnered a fair share of clients, both multinationals and individuals. 

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The reason that many brands have chosen the platform is the simple reason that it offers a host of tools for all kinds of business activities and yet maintains a very competitive price advantage. Furthermore, instead of withdrawing stuff from the pre-laid foundations, it only adds and complements the process and makes it that much more productive. Some of the other clients that the platform has are:

  • Vodafone
  • Andrei Zinkevich
  • Angelo Sorbello
  • Aruba Spa
  • Buru Buru
  • Clickintelligence
  • Confindustria Firenze
  • Crowdbooks
  • Eric Quinn Hargrove
  • Hoopygang
  • Instal
  • Josh Fechter
  • Lesilla
  • OVS
  • Ricardo Ghekiere
  • Riccardo Secco
  • Sky
  • Stapho Thienpont
  • TIM
  • Transferwise
  • Vin Clancy
  • Vino75
  • Zanichelli Spa

In a scenario where every tool chimes in to prove why the old ways are dead and useless, JotURL actually adds its flair to the pre-existing methodologies to create something much more impactful and worthwhile. With such an elaborate list of clients for the platform, it is hard to refute the fact that Janosch and his team have truly made something remarkable that will stand in the vanguard of all the tools of the days gone by and the times yet to come.

JotURL Customer Support

The greatness of any company is decided by the way it treats its customers. Brands like Samsung and Apple have reached the summits of success because of this very fact. Hence, the folks at JotURL also realized this very fact and provided a form for the users to get in touch with them and bring their grievance or general query about the platform to the management team for resolution. 

To get in touch with the team of JotURL, you can do one of two things. First is to go to and the second is to browse all the way down to the end of the homepage and click “Contact Us” under the “Company” heading. Both of these methods will generate the following page:

First, you will have to fill in the details about your email address and the description of your problem. Usually, the company takes anywhere between a few hours to 2 business days to get back to you. While the team responds even on Saturdays as well, there might be some delays if you contact them on the weekends every now and then. So, we would recommend you to ping them on the weekdays only so that you don’t end up hanging in the gray.

There is another way you can get in touch with them. As you might be seeing, there is a red-colored “Help” button at the bottom right corner of every page. Click on that, and a similar form as the “Contact Us” page will open up in a collapsible window. Fill in the details, and you are good to go. 

Final Thoughts

To buy or not to buy is the hard question when it comes to JotURL. However, we would recommend you to pick it up for your business with us doing the prelims for you. With the will and experience of three serial entrepreneurs, all of whom have spent considerable time in the digital marketing domain, the tool packs every aspect that you, as a marketing firm, will ever need. 

In the slew of platforms and tools that seem to be endless, JotURL marks its territory very distinctively and dominantly, and the best part is that it does that by staying comfortable on the pocket. 

So, if you have been wandering around to get your hands on an all-rounder tool to satiate your marketing needs, take a look at JotURL.