Hockeystack Review

HockeyStack Overview – Analytics Made Easy

The process of identifying your website’s visitors and converting them into customers can be challenging. Further, it becomes increasingly difficult to measure the effectiveness of a website feature or campaign. Are there any tools you can use to keep an eye on your visitors? That’s where HockeyStack jumps in.

Website visitors have always been a business’s greatest asset. Conversion rate optimization is done to increase this asset’s value while reducing investments and expenses on paid traffic. HockeyStack is playing a role in helping countless businesses increase their conversion rates at a time when every website owner is looking for such expert aid.

Small businesses are told to set up analytics on their websites and apps. It is usually recommended to use either the popular web analytics tool, Google Analytics, or heat mapping tools like Hotjar. Would it surprise you to discover that a better alternative exists for most people? 

Meet HockeyStack, an analytics platform that will save businesses time and money in building their online presence by providing actionable insights in a matter of minutes. It helps track conversions in real-time and plays around with your website using an interactive editor. 

This is a fast, reliable, and affordable marketing tool that tracks every action of your visitors, enables you to create custom actions and presents all the information on an easy-to-understand dashboard. Here you can view all the events tracked across multiple sites, including visitors who have interacted with these events.

It helps you annotate your marketing performance. It is simple to use as it enables users to create custom events that feed into any number of metrics, including conversions, time on site, and bounce rates – all without writing a single line of code.

Who is at the helm of HockeyStack?

Founded in 2021 by Bugra Gunduz (left), Emir Atli (center), and Arda Bulut (right). The company is headquartered in Frankfurt, DE, and aims to help agencies, e-commerce businesses, and SaaS companies get the most actionable insight in the least amount of time.

Bugra Gunduz:

One of the co-founders of HockeyStack is Bugra Gunduz. He studied at the Bocconi University. Among his previous experiences are co-founding The Loop Network,, and Kriptokart. Mentored 500+ high school students on entrepreneurship and coding as part of his volunteer work. He has expertise in Web Analytics and Product Management.

Emir Atli

HockeyStake was also co-founded by Emir Atli who has been associated with it since May 2020. He holds a degree of Bachelors in Computer Science and Economics from Williams College. He has been helping SaaS companies get the most actionable insights with the fewest clicks. He has expertise in Sales, Strategy, (SEO), user research, and interpersonal skills like Team Leadership.

Arda Bulut:

Arda Bulut was also a co-founder of HockeyStake. He got his Secondary Diplomas and Certificates from Robert College. His interests include startups, music, coding, and creative writing. His previous work experience includes co-founding The Loop Network and Traffic. He holds licenses & certifications from Deep Cleaning Specialization and Facial Expression Recognition with Keras.

How does HockeyStack work and what makes it so useful?

Do you want to track your website’s performance so you can tell if your investment in a new digital marketing campaign is paying off? HockeyStack is the tool for you! 

HockeyStack can help you cut down the amount of money and time spent on advertising. It’s good to strive to be as efficient as possible. So why not use tools that can help you do just that? That’s exactly what HockeyStack does, and it couldn’t be easier. 

What makes HockeyStack so useful and how does it work? I believe it’s past time we looked closely at both. Let’s now move on to the specifics and explain each feature one by one.

Step by Step User Journey :

There’s nothing like a step-by-step journey to better understand your customers and their interaction with your website. This feature in HockeyStack automatically collects and analyzes every scroll, click, video view, and search to create a user journey for the visitors. 

Once a visitor clicks, scroll a page, comment, search, or do anything else on your webpage, it will track and record everything. Later, you can analyze these data by selecting a filter. And take action where needed.

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You can then filter your users by session properties, user properties, page views, goal completion, countries, initial pages, devices, and much more. Just click on an action to see its type, date, and selector. Tracking starts the moment you integrate. 

You can see where visitors were before they entered your funnel, how much time visitors spent in certain steps of your funnel, what web pages these visitors exited on so that you can optimize them.

Conversion Goals:

Hockeystack’s conversion goals feature allows you to create goals as well as convert page views into events and clicks into goals. 

You can create goals based on the number of pageviews or goal completions and customize the name, description, color, set a goal date, and even choose which pages they should apply to.

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You can filter your dashboard based on your goals to see which pages your converting visitors viewed, which devices they used, what OS they used, and what their session details were.

Automated Insights:

Analyzing anonymous data takes time, and collecting it takes even longer. To help you save your development resources, the automatic insights feature helps you determine who converts better with a single click.

By using Automated Insights, you can get important information about your users in a single click and know which subgroups or individuals are more likely to convert.

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It is great to generate actionable insights that help you generalize that data into who your best users are. Each page of your website will be automatically analyzed. 

Providing you with information like who is more likely to complete goals with one click, filtering your users by the goal, tracking those who have not completed the goal, etc.

Visual Funnels:

This is a great feature to analyze a funnel and figure out where people drop off. You can set up funnels in seconds and if you are looking at a particular goal you can see where people drop off and optimize your site to improve the user experience.

Your funnels can be duplicated quickly to change steps or add UTM tags, or different funnels can be created with the same first steps but different end goals.

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In less than a minute, you can create a funnel with HockeyStack. Each conversion funnel on your site will be tracked. To provide you with information about your visitor drop-off points and the need for modification. Your site’s user experience can be improved in that way. The bounce rate must be reduced, and conversion rates must be increased.

Qualitative Data:

The Qualitative Data collection in HockeyStack allows you to collect qualitative data from visitors to your website. This feature helps people learn more about visitors and may even lead to more sales.

Using it, you can create surveys that engage your visitors and receive actionable insights on their preferences, behaviors, and motivations. 

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All queries users enter on your website are tracked by them. Add products that your visitors want to see and get product recommendations. It offers free surveys for your websites. 

It is an easy way to get qualitative feedback from your users about the utility they find in a product or service you provide. According to your visitor’s needs, things can be improved.


Segmentation in HockeyStack is a way to segment users based on the actions they take inside the app. You can view various reports about each group and even set up lifecycle rules to take action if they fall into any of the segments.

You can find the best users to approach, analyze, and retain by having a big-picture view of your segments. To put it simply, segmentation allows you to slice and dice your users via several dimensions.

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You can use the segmentation feature to easily define groups of users and track them separately from other users. You can segment any touchpoint into the relevant personas or behavioral groups that fit your business needs using fast and easy segmentation.

Full Picture:

HockeyStack allows you to track multiple websites on the same dashboard. This makes it much easier to check your overview and performance of various domains with just a few clicks on your screen.

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It works with so many tools like Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, BigCommerce, and much more. It integrates seamlessly with most of the popular platforms and brings all your businesses, clients, websites on the same dashboard.

Pros & Cons of HockeyStack:

HockeyStack allows you to easily identify, collect and analyze data for your website and Apps. It is the right platform for you to drive growth in today’s tech-driven world. It helps companies of any size grow by helping them understand their customers better.

Knowing its pros and cons is important when considering its use. The money you invest is yours, after all, so you should make the most of it. Let’s get started.


  • HockeyStack lets you quickly move your customers to the right profile and send them relevant content based on their interests, pain points & website interactions so your offers convert more often.
  • HockeyStack grows your revenue by giving you more control over what, who, and how customers interact with your business.
  • Its intuitive interface allows you to easily create multiple user journey scrolls. You can organize your user journey in a way that is the most efficient for your business needs.
  • It gives you the full picture of everything that matters to your business. All your websites, domains, social profiles, clients, contacts, and sales channels in one easy-to-manage place.
  • You can create specific conversion goals with no-code in seconds and start tracking them in minutes.
  • Due to its user-friendly UI, it is the best analytics software for marketers, SaaS companies, E-commerce store owners, and other website owners.
  • Using the tool, you will be able to discover what needs improving, fix your issues, and enhance conversions overall.


  • It would be nice to have heatmaps and sessions recordings as additional data points.

HockeyStack provides excellent performance monitoring for your website in a very efficient way. Despite this, there can never be 100% perfection. HockeyStack is no exception. You will still encounter some limitations even if the app has all the features you need.

HockeyStack’s Onboarding Process:

You can get started with HockeyStack in no time. By clicking the “TRY FOR FREE” button on the homepage, you will be redirected to the next step in the registration process where you will need to input your contact information, such as your email address, domain name, domain URL, and password.

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Set up your account by adding your information, and create a password. Getting started is easy and quick. After signing up, you’ll be taken to the HockeyStack dashboard, where all the work happens. 

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The next step is to select the platform your website runs on. You can choose from several platforms to continue like HTML, Google Tag Manager, WordPress React,  Swipe Pages, Wix, Shopify Other.

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And that is all there is to getting started with HockeyStack. It’s as simple as that. Create an account, enter your contact details,  verify your email address and you are in.

HockeyStack’s Pricing Strategy:  

When investing in a platform for your business, it’s important to consider its price. HockeyStack can be tested for 14 days without requiring a credit card, and a refund can also be requested within 30 days. You can choose from one of its available plans if you find it impressive.

All the features are available across every plan. Plans differ by the number of pageviews each allows. Their data histories and the number of team members differ as well. You can choose between 5 plans, namely Free Forever, Start, Accelerate, Boost and Dominate.

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You can use their Free Forever plan which offers 1k pageviews and domains per month. Three team members are available and the data history spans three months. 

The starter plan costs $39 per month for 10k page views for a single domain per month. It offers 6-month data history and 1 team member. There is also an Accelerate plan for $59 a month that offers 100k pageviews per domain. It offers 1-year data history and 3 team members. 

The Boost plan will cost $249 a month for 350k pageviews and provides 3-years of data history and 10 team members. Additionally, they offer a Dominate plan with custom pricing. Custom pricing can be arranged if you want unlimited pageviews and unlimited domains. Users can customize data history and team members.

HockeyStack’s Customer Service:

Customer service nowadays seems like an outdated concept. Sometimes you feel like nobody cares, and sometimes you feel that everyone wants your best interests in mind. Businesses often distinguish themselves from their competitors through outstanding customer service. HockeyStack has the advantage of understanding this.

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HockeyStack’s dedicated customer support team is always available to assist customers. With HockeyStack, you can easily find help on their website without having to trawl through endless options. On their website, you can easily connect to their customer service center by clicking the HELP button on the bottom right corner. 


If you are looking for a platform where you can manage different websites, niches, and accounts in one place, then HockeyStack is your answer. It allows you to track all of the aspects of your business online in one dashboard.  

Plus, it is a powerful tool that helps you grow your traffic and convert them into sales. With this one, you won’t need to use multiple tools to monitor your domains’ important information.

After switching to HockeyStack, you’ll have a clear understanding of which visitors are most likely to convert on the goals you care about. As a result, you can focus your efforts on the right people.