Encharge Review

Encharge Review – The Magical Assistant for Startups

The Magical Assistant for Startups – Encharge Review 

The process of establishing a startup involves many steps. It means having the freedom to pursue a dream and having a steady source of income. Along with those goals and rewards, there are also a lot of unpleasant, but necessary, things one must do to achieve them. 

May it be lack of time or will, there’s a lot of stuff that we don’t enjoy doing, or that we simply cannot afford to do. A good example of this is contacting people to acquire new customers, as is maintaining constant contact with existing clients. 

There are tons of other marketing tasks that are essential when it comes to building the solid foundations for a successful company but are too time-consuming and exhausting for bone-and-flesh employees to do. Enter Encharge, an automated marketing platform for SaaS.

Encharge is the marketing assistant who never sleeps. It aims to save you from drowning in dozens of business tools while handling repetitive tasks for you so you can focus on what matters.

Marketing consists of many small actions to accomplish one ultimate goal: to convert more customers. However, this objective is not easy, and it often requires marketers and staff to do lots of tedious little tasks, and when it comes to an ample user database, this becomes unsustainable. That’s where the necessity for an automated marketing platform comes from. 

Encharge Logo
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Think of Encharge as a super-employee. Wouldn’t it be better to let someone (or a service) handle sending emails and contacting people instead of spending time doing those tasks ourselves? This time, it will be Encharge taking care of it all. So what is it about? And what does it include? Let’s take a deep glance into the program, its features, and an overall evaluation of it.  

Who is at the helm of Encharge?

The company, which is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, was founded in 2019 by Slav Ivanov (right image) and Kaloyan Yankulov (left image), with the ambition of serving startups and small businesses with automated marketing services.

Slav Ivanov:

Having an ardent interest in technology, Slav started his first business when he was just 17 years old. He holds a degree in Informatics from the Plovdiv University Paisii Hilendarski, as well as a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Having worked in multiple startups for several years, he co-founded Encharge with Kaloyan Yankulov.  

Kaloyan Yankulov:

On the other hand, Kalo graduated in Graphic and Digital Design from the Canterbury Christ Church University, in the UK. He also studied Spanish Language and Literature from Spanish High School Bulgaria. He worked in several companies, from which Virgin, Microsoft, and the NBA stand out. Encharge has, however, proved its success since it was founded.  

How does Encharge work and what makes it so useful?

Encharge was conceived as a way of helping startup companies to set up and integrate useful marketing campaigns. This idea derived from Kalo’s experiences as a marketer at several companies, due to the difficulty of developing and implementing marketing stacks. 

In the words of Kalo, “we thought we could change that [the difficulties of online marketing] with Encharge by building a simple-to-use tool that connects with your marketing apps and allows you to create powerful marketing workflows.” 

Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing features of this tool and how they are instrumental in bringing the founder’s vision to life. 

Flow Builder

The Flow Builder tool allows you to create diagrams regarding your user journey. This marketing feature consists of dragging-and-dropping steps that together create a flux diagram. It can be as simple as sending a ‘thank you’ message to automating tasks and sending emails based on user data gathered from third-party apps. 

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User profiles

This tool will let you monitor the activity of a user on your website or app. This way, you’ll have all the information about a client in the same place. You can take a look at any user in your system and see everything they have done from their first interaction with your website to the last page they viewed right within the same view.

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Lead scoring

Lead scoring is the process of giving scores to users based on their actions, behaviors, and demographics. Encharge assigns scores to the users according to their activity. It helps focus your team on good-fit customers who are most likely to become loyal customers. Thus you can use that information to identify promising prospects and act accordingly.  

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The Broadcasts feature is all about creating personalized newsletters and sending them to an audience. These newsletters are made up of customizable, drag-and-drop elements that, when assembled, shape a layout intended to obtain higher email engagement from the users. 

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Email Personalization 

With Email Personalization, you can customize your emails to convert more leads, boost product adoption, and re-engage passive customers. You can either choose to customize your email with the drag-and-drop editor, or the simple editor, which is like a traditional mail interface. 

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Website tracking

Encharge tracks the traffic your website receives and analyzes what people do on it. It lets you track page views, form submissions, and social interactions on your website and turn anonymous page viewers into complete user profiles with a powerful identity resolution solution.   

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User segments

User segmentation is the process of dividing your users into subgroups based on their characteristics, behaviors, and preferences. It helps you collect and manage customer data for improved engagement. It also integrates with your app and marketing stack, so you can send better messages to specific users and get deeper insights into your business.

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Behavior Emails

This marketing feature aims to send emails to specific users based on their behavior on your digital platforms. In other words, Behavior emails analyze what your users do (or don’t) on your website, and email them accordingly. 

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A/B Testing

A/B testing for broadcasts consists of testing multiple broadcast variations by simply adding them to your form and then choosing which one to send. It shows the data regarding the user engagement caused by each variation. It automatically determines a winner based on opens or clicks after a certain time. And ultimately, increase your newsletters metrics.

On the other hand, A/B testing for flows is a great way to gather data on user behavior and determine the best paths for users, using the A/B test step in the Flow Builder is a powerful tool to help you create a more seamless, efficient, and enjoyable buying experience. 

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Free Email Verification

Signing up on websites with temporary email addresses is not an unusual practice among users. This is why Encharge offers the free email verification feature, to validate that the contacts and users on your webpage count with a live, available email address. 

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Transactional Emails

The way this feature works is pretty simple: it delivers emails regarding common activities like resetting a password, sending a receipt, or signing-on links. The charm about this feature is that it passes unnoticed, yet it saves a lot of time sending emails. 

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Pros and Cons of Encharge

With a platform dedicated to making online marketing more efficient and saving startups a lot of time, there are a few disadvantages at a glance about Encharge, and yet many benefits that deserve attention as well. 

It’s important to consider both the pros and cons of Encharge before coming to any conclusions. Let’s take a look at some of its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Encharge is one of the most complete automated marketing services available in the market, integrating dozens of features.
  • It incorporates simple and easy-to-use flow and newsletter builders. 
  • It gathers highly detailed analytics and metrics to increase engagement. 
  • The platform offers an ample number of integrations. 
  • An intuitive and cleanly designed interface displays tools and features.  
  • You can organize and visualize your clients in several ways through segments. 
  • Encharge is genuinely interested in providing their customers with the best marketing tools. Several resources are available on their website and they offer excellent service and expert support.


  • Encharge’s prices are probably its biggest downside. 
  • There is no way to migrate WordPress or native eCommerce into the program. 
  • Encharge lacks a search function that might help locate certain tools online. 

Encharge’s Onboarding Process

There are so many tools and features at Encharge that it’s understandable if you’re a little confused, but don’t worry! It’s easier than it seems to sign up and start using the platform. Let’s go through each step one by one.

Just like any other SaaS platform, the first step is to create an account on the platform. It is possible to do this in two ways: either manually fills the required fields, or by signing up with your Google account (if you have one). 

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Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a message displayed in front of you, just like in the image. It’s a welcome note, along with a brief explanation of the platform and a two-minute tutorial to help you get started. 

Watching the video may be a helpful and quick way to start getting familiarized with the tools in the program. Once you’ve finished watching the tutorial, you may click on the “Get Started” button, and move on to the next step.  

You may have noticed by now that there is a series of steps listed above your current image. To be fully set up, these are the stages you must complete; however, you can skip them and finish later. As you look at your current visual, you’ll see a header titled “Import People”. Adding your users to the platform is the objective of this step. 

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In case you click on the button, you’ll be directed to another screen with 4 steps, in which you’ll have to upload an Excel or CSV document containing the information of your clients. You’ll then have to confirm the information in the following three steps, before returning to the previous five stages.

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You’ve moved onto the next stage, integrating apps. This step may be a little longer, depending on the number of apps you connect, but remember, you can finish this process later on. Once you are done setting up your third-party apps, you can move on to the fourth step. 

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This step is destined for you to build your first user flow, as the header announces. If you decide to do so, you’ll be redirected to a screen with a series of templates for your flow. Once you’ve selected one, you’ll be clear to start designing your user flow. If you choose to skip this stage, you’ll advance to the last one.

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Last but not least, the fifth step is related to customer support, so unless you need any help, you’re good to go!

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Encharge’s Pricing Plans 

All plans include an unlimited amount of emails, broadcasts, flows, and users, as well as the free email verification feature. All aspects within marketing automation services, integrations, emails and delivery, forms and tracking, and support and help are also included across all plans. 

Marketing Automation:

Marketing Automation consists of a series of details and features: Flow builder, user segmentation, built-in templates, user tags, A/B tests, lead scoring, email notifications, advanced wait steps, and flow reports. Some of the previous features were mentioned and described earlier, except for email notifications, advanced wait steps, and flow reports. 

The advanced wait steps feature consists of a strategy to deliver an email on a specific date and time to have the user’s best response. Flow reports, on the other hand, analyze how your flows are working. Again, these are features from the Marketing Automation trait, which comes included in all Encharge plans. 


Integrations are, too, available for all plans. These are the following: API, Stripe, Chargebee, Paddle, Chargify, Recurly, Typeform, HubSpot, Webhooks, Intercom, Facebook Ads, Mailchimp, Slack, Calendly, and Zapier. You can connect them and use them as much as they best suit you.

Emails and Delivery:

Visual email editor, code email editor, managed deliverability, mobile emails, liquid tags, newsletters, email domains, and template modules are the elements that build up Emails and Delivery and are part of all pricing plans of Encharge. 

Forms and Tracking:

There are two types of forms and tracking features: Sidetracking and form tracking. The first one analyzes the number of visitors on your website, and the latter one adds people to the platform by connecting forms. They are both included in all plans.

Support and Help:

This point is also known as customer service and will be further detailed later on. It consists of three assistance services: startup expertise, personalized support, and knowledgebase. They also are a part of all plans on Encharge.

Premium Plan

The only features that are exclusive for the premium plan are segment integration, salesforce integration, event-based segments, and transactional emails. 

0 – 2,000$49$59
2,001 – 5,000$99$119
5,001 – 10,000$179$199
10,001 – 15,000$249$299
15,001 – 20,000$299$359
20,000 – 25,000$349$419
25,000 – 30,000$389$479
30,000 – 40,000$449$549
40,000 – 50,000$499$599
50,000 – 70,000$599$699
70,000 – 100,000$799$949
100,000 – 150,000$999$1,199

All prices are monthly. Nonetheless, Encharge also offers a 14-day free trial, without needing to register a credit card. 

Encharge’s Customer Support:

Since Encharge offers an ample spectrum of features and tools regarding online marketing, the company provides not one, but three customer support services, to resolve any questions that may arise when you use the platform. All of these services are completely free and are included with all plans. 

These three services are startup expertise, which consists of the company’s insight on how to increase the effectiveness of your emails; personalized support, in which you can contact the staff through chat, Slack, or Hangouts, every day (this service resembles the classic customer support we all know); and knowledgebase, which is a wide and up-to-date database containing articles, videos, and other resources that may result helpful for you. 

Encharge Customer Support
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Either way, the customer service area is a very well-developed one, that works to enlighten the path of those who may be a little inexperienced, or simply need a question or other issue sorted out. 

Closing words

In a few words, Encharge takes all of the boring and time-consuming aspects of online marketing, and almost single-handedly takes care of them. It not only delivers emails, customizes newsletters, and tracks the information and behavior of the users; it also eases the user follow-up that corresponds to each customer, builds up a plan to convert a bigger product engagement, and does so much more. 

If you are yet to start a company, and therefore count with little or no clients, it might not be essential to count with the help of Encharge. On the contrary, if your company is rapidly growing and needs an extra hand, then Encharge might be just what you need. 

Despite its elevated pricing, Encharge is a magical assistant for startup companies. This is why it is worth considering paying its high fees for an automated marketing service as complete and helpful as this one.


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