Dubb Review

Dubb Overview And Review – Influencing Futures with Video

Dubb Overview

Ever felt that in the world of mobile phone usage, the touch of heart-to-heart connections is getting lost by the minute? How many times has it been that you had a remarkable lead for your business, but instead of talking to them face to face, you had to talk to them through mundane emails and texts? And when you had finally done the work, the deal did not fall through? All of these questions and concerns are shared by almost every other guy who is starting out on their entrepreneurial journey.

However, in the current world where we live, mobile phones have started to become the forefront of interaction rather than simple calls or face to face meetings. While video call platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Snapchat, WhatsApp video, Skype, and what not are always there, but a perfect tool that caters to getting you more leads, sales, opens, clicks, conversions for your business is what has always been missing.

Thanks to the actions of one enlightened individual, the solution to all of these problems is here: Dubb. Dubb is an online video solutions platform that is here to solve all of your conundrums surrounding face to face interactions via video messages.

No, not gifs, actual usable video messages. It’s your one-stop-shop for everything pertaining to video usage in your messages to your emails to basically everything else.

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Dubb was founded in 2017 and has gone on to become one of the foremost choices of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, conglomerates, and even multinational corporations who wanted to add that personal touch to the mundane experience of exchanging texts and emails of plain words.

Through Dubb, an overall boring experience of finalizing a business deal, or asking someone to come for a meetup, or a general catch up has all become lively and enthralling.

Today, when a person reads a 1000 word cover letter or pitch deck, the straightforward response they have is:

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To get back into the game, you need a more innovative way to go about your task. And in the video and social media-centric world of today, how you present your business at first is what people will mostly remember about you.

In the words of Harvey Specter aka Gabriel Macht from Suits:

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Thanks to the versatility of Dubb, you can use video methods to jack up pretty much any aspect of your business. From the way your brand is oriented, to the way you garner more clients, to new product announcements, to even sales and discounts for your long term customers, everything gets up close and personal with the video messages through Dubb.

Struggling with sales? Send a personalized pitch to your clients catering to solving their apprehensions and answering their doubts.

Want more conversions? Send a remarkable and custom-made video to leads being received to turn them into paying customers.

The possibilities of how you use the Dubb video platform to advance your business are endless. Right from the get-go, the brand has made sure that you can now directly tap into the mindset of the people and actually let your speech do the talking with the emotions and not just a plain Jane email. So, let’s find out what its all about.

Who is at the helm of the company?

Dubb is based out of 5777 W. Century Blvd. #1110, Los Angeles, California, a sexy state and city to be in for many. It has been there for about three years now after being born in 2017 and has seen various stages of both ups and downs.

Ruben Dua, Dubb’s Founder

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Dubb was the brainchild of Indian origin American serial entrepreneur Ruben Dua. In a career that has spanned more than two decades, Ruben has worked both as a corporate worker, a founder, a co-founder, a manager, incubator, professor, and even a director in legendary lawyer Robert Shapiro’s son’s firm.

His vast experience allowed him to interact with and understand the importance of human interaction and saw its potential for disrupting the business world. And that is when Dubb came to life which has helped so many entrepreneurs in their journey.

Darius Santos, Chief Revenue Officer

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Along with him, there is also Darius Santos who is a strategist and product developer in essentiality in a career that has spanned over 14 years. In his entire career, he has spearheaded the creation of several products from the ideation stage to the fruition stage and saw them become standalones in their own way. 

In early 2018, he joined Dubb as their head of Client Success and now holds the rank of Chief Revenue Officer.

Both of them have turned the tide of the product together and have helped the company grow from 2 people to a team of 9 full-time employees and then some on retainer. 

They have also helped the company grow exponentially in recent years and have crossed the marker of 30,000 paying customers in so little time which clearly speaks volumes about the platform’s credibility.

How does Dubb work and what makes it so useful?

Now that you know just how many people use the platform, you might be more than intrigued to know what makes the platform so useful? Like what does it have that a simple YouTube video or a WhatsApp video call or even a Snapchat call cannot achieve? Here is what sets Dubb apart from the rest of the crowd:

First, let’s start with the most important tool that they have at their disposal, Video. The following is what all you can do with it:

Video Creation-

While getting in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking for many, using Dubb will help you lose all inhibitions as it allows you to create well-designed templates that have been tried and tested to garner better reception. It also has dozens of integrations that allow you to use any platform to create your videos.

Video Hosting-

Once you have created your video on Dubb, you have the flexibility to host it pretty much anywhere. From your website to your emails to any place else, Take advantage of Dubb’s content delivery network for seamless video streaming.

Video Distribution-

In an ever-growing world of social media, you have tons of options of where you want to use which type of video. From YouTube to Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to LinkedIn, the possibilities are endless. 

Share your videos via dozens of channels including email using dozens of integrations that Dubb comes with.

Video Tracking-

Once you put yourself and your business out there, it’s time to check how impactful it has been. While using the pre-existing tools is great, Dubb also comes with its own analytics tool that helps you understand what is working for you and what is not. And if you have your own CRM, this data from Dubb can also be delivered there.

Video Page Presets-

Presets are required almost everywhere and for Dubb, you can streamline and pre-select a saved combination of settings for your Dubb Action page. These include where your Calls-to-Actions will appear, privacy options, playlists videos, branding, captions, messaging, and a whole lot more.

While Dubb is a video messaging platform, it also has many features that any average platform might have as well to help you handle your business in the best way possible. The other features that you get are:

Omni Recorder-

Recording videos is easier as the spotlight is on you. Using the Omni Recorder, you can get the most out of your videos.

Email Campaigns-

Setting up email campaigns is a breeze as you will easily be able to click a few buttons. Choose a template, and put in your content for the campaign, and swoosh, just like that, you have sent out your email campaign.


Deciding and putting in CTAs at the right time to inspire action from the user is much easier, as now you can get it done more efficiently with the Dubb CTA tool.

Contact Management-

Gone are the days when you have to search through various directories of your email addresses to decide which mail to send to whom. Through contact management, you can use previously used email addresses for a similar type of campaign, and save hours of tedious operational work.

Workflow Automation-

In the olden days, each and every process had to be controlled and supervised for optimum results. But with the progressive tech that Dubb uses, you can directly set your workflow and automate it, and Dubb will handle the rest.

Video Widgets-

Want to give someone the option to go through a video rather than having them read an email? Use the video widget and allow them to get the same message in a new and distinct way for that emotional connection.

Landing Page Builder- Like Harvey Specter said, “First Impressions Last.” So its imperative that the page your customer lands on is homogenous and caters to what the user is searching for. Hence, using the Landing Page Builder, you can optimize the landing pages of your various campaigns to the best business results.

Data Reporting-

The most important part of them all, the “How are we doing” data. Data reporting and performance reports are the most important and hence you get all of that data both on your dashboard and in a dedicated section as well with detailed analysis of each campaign and action that you have taken through Dubb.

To make your life easier, Dubb also comes with a plethora of integrations. From social media to utility, everything can be seamlessly linked and kept in line with the tools that you already use. Here are a few of the integrations that they have:

Google ChromeHubspotInstagram
LinkedInDubb Slack AppConstant Contact
SalesforceInfusionSoft ExtensionFollowUp
Facebook MessengerZapierBook Like A Boss
Lion DeskAsanaWordPress

AND MANY MORE! If we went on listing their integrations, probably the page would run out but their presence and integrations on major platforms and minor platforms as well definitely won’t. 

Hence, if you want to explore a full-blown list of where all you can add the functionality of Dubb, check out the following link:


Pros and Cons of Dubb

In this world of cold advertising and blind advertising, even crappy products market themselves as industry leaders. Now while they might be considering their product a superior choice, it’s best left for the consumer or user to decide whether a product is useful or not. 

This allows a perfect opportunity for the founders to let the product speak for itself and let the users decide. So here is what they are saying about the pros and cons of using Dubb:


  • Easy to use
  • CTA Setup is easy
  • Innovative designs
  • Lots of features
  • Instantaneous creation of landing pages
  • Allows Flexibility
  • Simple and thoughtful design and workability
  • Email Tracking and Video Views analytics for better understanding
  • Great Customer Support
  • Results oriented


  • Video on the landing page is slightly slow
  • The affiliate section is yet to be streamlined

There are many people who have switched from apps like BombBomb that have been in the market for far longer. Thanks to the vast and encompassing feature list that Dubb has and the fact that a feature that you might want it to have can actually be added in a few weeks’ time after you request them. 

The team goes all out to update the app constantly and keep the platform super relevant to the modern-day, and hence the critics have also turned into patrons.

So as the Pros clearly outweigh the Cons 5:1, the platform is clearly a winner in our eyes and those of the 30,000 customers that the platform has. Furthermore, if you don’t want to take our word for it, take the word of those who are more than happy to give out video testimonials. 

Follow this link: https://dubb.com/testimonials and you will find video reviews of how happy the customers are.

Dubb Onboarding Process

Well now that you know what kind of prowess the platform is capable of, and how the people are raving about it, you might be more than ready enough to jump on the Dubb bandwagon and ride your way to video success.

So here is how you can do just that. First, when you reach the homepage, you will be welcomed by a page that looks like a beautiful harmony between blue and white background, text animations, and a sample of what the platform is all about. Basically, you get a page that looks like this:

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There are three tabs on the top that contain all the details about the company, its features, and a whole lot more if you want to take a deep dive about the platform before you actually take the plunge. 

But if you want to start right away, you can click on either the “Signup” button in the top right corner or the “Signup With Email” button in the center of the page. Both will redirect to the same page that looks like:

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The guru of digital marketing, Neil Patel, has also given a comment about the platform and hence his review appears on the sign up page as well. Here, you have the option to either go the normal way to book through the platform using the registration process, or you can use single click signup from pre-existing accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google. 

We prefer using the conventional way of registration and hence we took the longer route here. Put in your Business E-Mail address, and you will be redirected to a page like this when you click the “Next” button:

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Put in your details, and then click on register and you will be good to go to start your video messaging journey. Another interesting thing is that as you type in your first name and last name, it will automatically generate a username for you. 

You will then reach a page where you will be asked to put in your company information, ranging from the name to the domain name, size, and industry to help you segment and draw out the best from the platform. 

If you want to do that later, you can skip it for the time being as well. This is what that page looks like:

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After you are done with whichever option you choose, you will reach the referral page where you can put in how you found the platform. This is not an option that you will be able to skip, hence, you will have to pick an option from the drop-down list. 

Following that page will be a page where you will be asked to put in your contact number based on your country. Thankfully it’s not mandatory and you can skip it for the time being. And then, finally, you will reach the dashboard. The dashboard looks like a harmony of colors detailing different aspects of the platform:

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By default, you will be subscribed to the Starter pack which is free of cost. But, if you want added functionalities, you can choose to get a 14-day trial that will give you a taste of what kind of things the platform can do for you. 

There are 14 pre-existing videos on the platform that are actually the user guide on how to use the various features of Dubb both on the platform or on the integrated ones. The various other menus and utilities can be accessed through the menus on the ride.

Like a great analytics tool, you get the overall stats about all your campaigns, video views, contact details, and details about the CTAs, Emails, and Reactions are all available in a glance right at the dashboard homepage. Browse down, and you will also get much more data as well. This is what is in store for you:

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From the video views in the graphical representation to your own videos, and access to their community and blog, there is literally nothing left to the imagination with the dashboard. All the things that matter are all provided in one place. 

Initially, the starter plan will not unlock the “Connections”, “Campaigns” and “Automations” tab until you put in your company details, as the platform tailors its offerings based on the market segmentation and what works in those arenas of business. 

Also, Contacts Management is a premium feature and hence you will probably have to opt for a Pro or Pro Plus plan to unlock them.

Overall, the platform still has a lot to offer for almost everyone out there. Ranging from automating your actions and campaigns to taking your business to new heights by drawing key insights from the analytics and metrics, Dubb has meticulously planned and thought ahead for each and every aspect of the business to make sure that you don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

Dubb’s Pricing Structure

Now that you know what all the platforms can do for you, you might be eager to know what kind of dough you need to pack in order to get in on the video messaging game. 

While it may seem enticing to go all in at once, the best way to go about it is by choosing between the tiers that the platform provides and decide which one works the best for you. 

There are a monthly billing option and a yearly billing option which will save you 20% off as compared to the monthly billing.

There is a starter pack that is free and offers fairly limited yet usable functionality for those who just want a plain Jane video networking platform. For those who want to take things up a notch and give their customers a taste of what you are doing, the Pro is the way to go with a monthly billing price of $40. 

But if you think you want nothing but the best, no holds barred, then you can opt for the Pro Plus package which comes at $99 a month.

TierStarterProPro Plus
Sales, Marketing and communications
Monthly Billing (price per month)04099
Yearly Billing (price per month)03280
Key FeaturesSelf-serve usageAdds/upgrades to Starter PlanAdds/upgrades to Pro Plan
Unlimited StorageHD videoAccount manager
Standard Video QualityCustom logoPhone support
Dubb logoCustom subdomainAutomation
Dubb URL10K contacts ($10/mo per 10K additional contacts)50K contacts ($10/mo per 10K additional contacts)
Dubb brandingCalls-to-actionAPI access
Dubb chatCustom Landing PagesCustom integrations
Full tech suite (Chrome Extension, Gmail/Outlook add-on, mobile app, desktop app, integrations)Native formsCustom email templates
ThemesCustom scripts
Team management
Advanced reporting
CRM integrations
Slack notifications
Internal Support
Monthly Billing (price per month)01020
Yearly Billing (price per month)0816
Key FeaturesSelf-serve usageAdds/upgrades to Starter PlanAdds/upgrades to Pro Plan
Unlimited StorageHD videoAccount manager
Standard Video QualityCustom logoAPI access
Dubb logoCustom subdomainCustom integrations
Dubb URLTeam management
Dubb brandingAdvanced reporting
Dubb chatSlack notifications
Full tech suite (Chrome Extension, Gmail/Outlook add-on, mobile app, desktop app, integrations)
Teachers & Educators
Monthly Billing (price per month)0N/AN/A
Yearly Billing (price per month)0N/AN/A
Key FeaturesSelf-serve usageN/AN/A
Unlimited StorageN/AN/A
Standard Video QualityN/AN/A
Dubb logoN/AN/A
Dubb brandingN/AN/A
Dubb chatN/AN/A
Full tech suite (Chrome Extension, Gmail/Outlook add-on, mobile app, desktop app, integrations)N/AN/A

The services between each tier are divided. While the starter pack is existent in all the categories, for teachers and educators, the platform is essentially free as there is only one pack. 

Overall, if we had to choose, we would have chosen to opt for the starter pack for the first month, and then moved on to the Pro package with monthly billing.

Additionally, there are also add-on options that you can pick up to boost the functionality of the platform to make it even more robust. Like the general pricing aspect, these are also available to be picked up at a monthly subscription fee or a one-time yearly fee which will save you about 20% overall. Here are the add-on options:

TierCustom DomainAutomationTranscription
Monthly Billing (price per month)$30$40Starts at $0.3/min
Yearly Billing (price per month)$24$32Starts at $0.3/min
Key FeaturesFull domain customizationAutomated WorkflowsAutomatic closed captioning
Configurable CNAME recordZapier IntegrationDiscounted per minute rates
e.g. video.yourdomain.com
Webhooks10+ Languages
Additional plans also available

Additional plans also available

Like a true SaaS platform, Dubb has made sure that every aspect of the platform helps you bring out the best side of you and your business and you face no hurdle to bring your business to the spotlight.

If it was up to us, the Pro plan unlocks a plethora of features and is practically the best option with monthly billing. This is because, as a startup or as a business in general, your priority is to keep costs low, hence you can opt-out of it at any time without investing too much. 

And though it may not seem like it, but you would be paying almost close to $500 straight with the yearly billing and even if you don’t use it, you have wasted all that money. So, monthly billing is the way to go for all the budding entrepreneurs who are obsessed with the “lean startup” model to maximize profits.

Dubb’s Biggest Clients

Like every startup, Dubb also had set their own milestones to achieve growth gradually, but with a product that is so strong and value-adding, it just burst onto the scene and people from different walks of careers ranging from conglomerates to corporates, to individuals, were opting this new way of communicating. 

Especially with WhatsApp video call as one of their prime competitors, it really is a remarkable feat what Dubb has achieved in less than just three years of its inception.

Dubb has now reached a point where they have a loyal customer base of over 30,000 paying customers. Yes, That Many! Here is a glimpse of a few of them:

Dubb's Clients
Wedding AcademyNeuro Integrative HealthConover Beyer AssociatesSouthern Living Realty Partners
Transform PublishingInspired Practice SolutionFinance and Mortgage SolutionsMiller Law Group
Eifel EffizienzVida ChiropracticIntegros Benefits ConsultingInnovative Equity
Wedding CEOTascMMSyntech
Jared Thomas-RealtorTBHWRevolutionary GrowthMy goal my path
CoStarKinstaTrailblazer CoachingOptimal Access
LoopStarBen the Energy GuyGerman Global SpeakersChat Fortress
We Are HallmarkMarie SchulzAllstate BenefitsMental Edits
Sevenfold CoachingKw Gold CoastUlrike StahlCoaching Aging Adults
BalfourFireproof TechnologiesExtend Your TeamQualizy
Fathom RealtorsHerrco Cosmetics ltd.SplunkAlpha
MelFosterEmpower AssociatesSabine SchmelzerRevive
Legal ShieldCanvasSmart Call ProDuggar Wellness
ID ShieldKarpe Diem MarketingOld Harbor Insurance ServicesCarbon Negative For Nature
Be Your Own CreativeBanding People TogetherExecuvetsCoach Now
Kate B.RCG Global ServicesMary HendersonIM&A Group
Predictable salesMaptekSoci PromoMJS Executive Search
Tec ServicesBMJeff Mendelson Digital MarketingDevBridge
CryptonSandler PartnersMedicare Solutions TeamFavor & Wealth
Navigate ChiropracticP.I. Roofing and Home SolutionsAcensi CybersecurityGlobal Raymac
InfiMedixI am HerculesKegmilNola Benefits Consultation
Alpine ScienceSanford Rose AssociatesBobcat of PortlandAlways Designing for People
Smarter WebsitesFed AdvisorsCarr CompanyStoryTap
Vistage EspanaFlowHausPrime Guidance Empowering SuccessCJW Global Solutions
Freedom Empire ConsultingJones Homes USAVan Winkle Insurance Group


To check out their full list of clients, go through to the following link which contains their most notable clients spanning all walks of life and business arenas- https://dubb.com/clients.

If you want to join the bandwagon, then you are just a few clicks away.

Dubb’s Customer Service

While the product part of the business is absolutely a foremost and crucial part of staying afloat, the other part is keeping your customers happy. You do that, and you have a relationship that will keep on giving. 

And like any great company, the folks at Dubb are more than capable to understand that and hence have provided you with various means to get in touch with them to solve any doubts or apprehensions whatsoever.

Head over to any page on their website, and the omnipresent constant on every page is the chatbot/messenger on the bottom right corner of the page in blue color. Even on the homepage, you will find it sitting comfortably like this.

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Click on it, and it will instantly open up the questions and some associated answer articles to those questions as standard. Chances are that mostly you will find the answer to your problem there itself, but in case you aren’t you can type in there and talk to the chatbot which will try to offer you a solution as best as it can. 

And if all else fails, it will redirect you to the contact page. When you click on it, it will look something like this:

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If you don’t want to go through the hassle of wading your way through articles and talking through the chatbot, you can also directly head to the contact page which basically has their address, their social media handle links, and the choice to choose between which team to contact. Here is what that page looks like:

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P.S. It is blue too! Might remind you of the LinkedIn or Facebook pages from the era gone by.

Scroll downwards, and you will find the option to choose between the sales team or technical support staff, both of which have their own way of being contacted. The sales team can be contacted through an email address which is [email protected] and the technical support can be reached through the support center. This is what it will look like when you browse through to the bottom:

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Click on the “Support Center” button, and you will find well-curated libraries spanning different sections and subsections about the platform containing articles and how-to guides that will probably have the answer to your query. This is what that page looks like:

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If you still don’t find your answer, then you can always click on the “Contact” button on the top right corner and a form will pop up which will ask you to fill in your name, email, subject of the query/complaint, and a detail of that query/complaint. 

Additionally, you will also get an option to upload different types of files or media to corroborate your problem and help the team understand your conundrum better to provide you with the exact solution that you are looking for.


To buy or not to buy is the question. Well, we would suggest you to opt for the former option, i.e. BUY IT.

This is because Dubb has clearly proven that adding that personal touch to an overall mundane text message can make the difference between a successful deal or a failed client. The absence of emotions that an email or a text has (even after the use of a thousand emojis) is a major issue and that human interaction will always find a way in people’s hearts and minds.

The time for the taking is now. 

No moment is wasted when you have the power to harness video to influence the future of the company and the world. So, throw off that bowline, and get camera-friendly, it’s time to Dubb and work your business magic into the real world.

Important Dubb Dashboard Screenshots