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Brand Overflow Review And Overview | For Next Level Keyword Research

Featured on Product Hunt in Jan 2020, Brand Overflow is a platform that helps you analyze your digital strategy and helps you optimize and enhance it for the best possible results. In this review of Brand Overflow, will to discuss various features of Brand Overflow; it’s price plans, benefits, and the limitations in detail.

How Brand Overflow Started:

Brand Overflow is the brainchild of Ahmed Qureshi, who has a proven track record as a growth hacker for the past eight years. Brandoverflow is the maiden project by the founder.

As per Ahmed, he quit his job after saving enough to survive for three months and design and monetize a tool. As per Ahmed, he built the Product without a hassle, and he approached beta testers on Reddit. The community welcomed his idea, and he got over a 1000 testers in a jiff.

Ever since Brand Overflow was featured on Product Hunt, they exploded and acquired a few thousand users just in a few months.

Brand Overflow featured on
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What Does Brand Overflow Do?

As digital marketers jokingly say, the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google Search. This is somewhat true because, as per the study conducted by Backlinko, the first 10 SERP queries get most of the search traffic.

 This is where Brand Overflow shines. It’s packed with many features that help you optimize your website for a better google search ranking. The platform is packed with various tools that help you with the SEO of your website.

So, now you don’t have to subscribe to various tools to get the actionable data, and you’ll also be saving a lot of time by not toggling between various tools and compiling reports.

Brand Overflow Onboarding

The onboarding process is quite simple and quick. The home page design is quite minimalistic and is full of easy to understand information. At the right top corner there is a button “Dashboard”. Once you click on it, it gives you an option to either login to an existing account or register for a new one.

onboarding Brand Overflow
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Once you register for a new test account you are taken to your dashboard where you can see all the important stats about the usage of the tool and the last tools you used. There is nothing much to look there.

brand overflow dashboard
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At the left size of all the pages you can see and access the tools that we’d be covering further in the article.

” Pros and Cons”


  • Precise keyword rank tracking, up to city level.
  • Accurate backlink tracking.
  • One of the best tools for keyword research and finding low competition keywords.
  • Intent oriented keyword generator.
  • Very deep question generator.
  • PPC Competitor Analysis.
  • Domain Insight.
  • Great Roadmap.
  • Decent Support.
  • Open to feedback and suggestions.


  • Product is still very young and not very refined.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console integration is missing.
  • Domain Insights are not very detailed and wouldn’t show much data for low authority websites.
  • Device level data is missing.
  • Only displays data for Google, other search engines are missing.

Features of Brand Overflow:

SEO is a complex process that requires a careful planning and execution of the plan. You can’t just make a website and expect the hoards of users to start browsing your website until, either you optimize the website (on page and off page) or you pay a ton of money in marketing.

Brand Overflow Features
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Although, you can get initial traction by expending the money on various marketing channels but that’s not very likely to last for a long time. It’ll most likely last till your ad expenses last. On the other hand if you optimize your website correctly and are able to rank it on Google then you can expect to get traffic for a rather longer duration, for free.

We are going to discuss various features of the tool that help you optimize your website for a better SEO.

Rank Tracker:

This is the place where you’ll be seeing the effect of all your marketing efforts. This is where you can monitor the current rank of your targeted keywords on SERP. As per what I know, Brand Overflow is not using any sort of third party API to fetch this data, they are fetching this on a real time. This makes this tool even more valuable.

Adding a new project for keyword rank tracking is very straightforward. You click on the add new project button on the right side and fill the necessary information displayed. Once you submit the project it takes you to the rank tracking page where it scrapes the current ranking for the keywords.

Brand Overflow adding new rank tracker project
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You can add or remove keywords from an ongoing projects too.

If you are using the platform feature to track the keywords for your clients’ website, you can not just only export the report in a CSV format but you can also share an un-editable tracking link with them.

By accessing the gear icon you can disable/enable the daily email feature and can also delete the entire project all together.

Brand Overflow Rank Tracker screenshot
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Keyword rank tracking is very accurate and versatile. You can use it for multiple languages and locations. The rank tracking goes deeper than just the country and you can track keywords for up to state and city level.

Rank tracker updates the keyword ranks in the SERP every day.

Link Tracker:

We all know that backlinks is the heart and soul of any SEO strategy (if acquired organically). To date Backlinks is one of the most important ranking factor in google.

This is a debate for another article whether this strategy is viable in the long run or not. Or how you are acquiring your links. Off course if you are building links using any of the black hat technique than you are just doing more bad than good for your website.

Anyways, if you are actively building links for your website by any of the methods like guest posting, broken link building or by any other outreach program then you can use the link tracker feature to track the success rate of your outreach efforts.

Creating a link tracker project is as simple as the rank tracker project. You enter project name, project website URL which you’ve acquired the backlinks for and in the box below you enter all the acquired links. 

Brand Overflow Review
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Once you submit this detail you’re taken to the link tracker page where you see all the details about the backlinks. You don’t have to juggle between the tools to check the profile of a backlink. Brand Overflow mentions all the important information about the backlinking website on the same page.

Brand Overflow Link tracking
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In case you want more insight about a backlink you can click on the backlink matrices and a new window will popup with more information like Domain mention, Anchor text, Image mention etc.

Brand Overflow Link tracking more info
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Link tracker also helps you to keep a track of all the lost links. If you find out about the lost backlinks you can investigate the reasons why you lost it and can improve your strategy to win them back.

Keyword Tool:

Keyword research has always been a critical arena for Search Engine Optimization. We all know that the “content is the king”, and it is the carefully researched keywords that make it a king.

Gone are the days when you could just write about anything and a backlink blast from GSA would ensure a first position in the Google SERP. Google is becoming intelligent with every update. Any shady SEO technique will only hurt your ranking.

With thousands of blog articles being published everyday it’s becoming more and more difficult to rank for medium to high competitive keywords.

Although, you can read more about keyword research here, on this review post I’ll just quickly talk about how you can use Brand Overflow to research profitable keywords for your niche.

The keyword tool of brand overflow fetches the data from Google Keyword Planner. It’s quite straight forward and handy for a quick competition analysis.

You enter a seed keyword and it gives you the number of estimated searches for the given keyword with average CPC cost and PPC difficulty.

brand overflow keyword tool
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In the section below it’ll display the same data for hundreds of similar keywords that are closely related to your seed keyword. Since these keywords are the LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords to your main keywords you can include them in your content and can also rank for them.

brand overflow keyword tool
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Along with all this information you can the keyword tool also displays the SERP results for the given keywords. By clicking on the SERP result you can gather more information about the competitive website.

brand overflow keyword tool
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This information is based of but not limited to search appearance (meta title and description), Keywords this URL also ranks for (not displaying anything at the time of writing this review), Matrices like PA, DA, TF, Citation flow and, MOZ rank, Backlinks, Social proof and industry rank.

Keyword Generator:

Brand Overflow has taken the keyword research to a next new level with the keyword generator app. This is thus far the best feature of the app. Of course this is my personal opinion and yours may vary.

The keyword generator tool is a sick combination of all the other traditional tools along with answer the public, just more refined. I can only assume that they have integrated these features at an early stage then what will they do in the future.

Now how does the keyword generator tool works?

Like the keyword tool, you enter your primary keyword and after selecting the location you click search. The tool takes a couple of seconds to generate the report and boom you get a pile of amazing keywords.

Brand Overflow keyword generator screenshot
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The tool looks for all the possible questions and phrases that people may have searched for around the seed keyword and aggregates them as per their intent. This way you can draft an amazing piece of content that answers the questions people are looking for.

Brand Overflow keyword generator screenshot 1
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As I mentioned earlier, Brand Overflow takes the feature to a whole new level, I’m gonna explain that now.

Don’t get me wrong, answer the public has been one of my most used tools because of it’s power but Brand overflow adds more searcher intent than answer the public.

For instance answer the public doesn’t include the shopping intent that may be important for many internet marketers for affiliate websites.

The common searchers’ intent that Brand Overflow base its search at the time of writing this review are:

  • Phrases
  • Questions
  • Comparison
  • Shopping
  • Research
  • Local
  • Alphabet
  • and Numbers

Question Explorer:

This is my second favorite app within the brand overflow.

Google prefers to rank an article that answers the queries of searchers quickly.

Question explorers is the place where you can look at what people have been searching on google in question form for a particular seed keyword. This data is pulled from “People also searched for” section of google.

brand overflow question explorer screenshot 1
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Question explorer is the goldmine for all the content creators because they can look for exactly what searchers are looking for, craft an amazing piece of content answering all the possible question around the topic and publish it.

Within the question explorer there are certain links mentioned within every question that Brandoverflow thinks is the best answer to the question. You can further analyze these URLs to study them to know what components make an answer the best answer and how to craft a better answer for the query.

brand overflow question explorer screenshot
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On the right side there are multiple other search terms closely related to the question that upon click provides questions related to these terms.

You can keep on digging further to get enough data to craft the best blog article to answer everything that a searcher might be looking for.

Ad explorer:

Ad explorer helps you craft the best ad copy (Google PPC) by letting you analyzing the ads run by your competitors in the recent past. 

brand overflow Ad explorer screenshot 1
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This tool displays current and average search volume along with average CPC and keyword difficulty that’ll help you decide how profitable the keyword could be.

brand overflow Ad explorer screenshot
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Apart from that it’ll display the ad copy of the competitors which’ll include AD’s title, description, URL, rank, date, and more.

Domain Insight:

Domain insight is not like a usual on page SEO checker like woorank or SEO site checkup. It focuses more on off page SEO factors like website authority, backlinks, social, and more.

Domain explorer is divided in various subsections that provide a deeper insight of your website, such as:


  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Trust Flow
  • Citation Flow
  • MOZ Rank
Domain insight Authority brand overflow
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  • Moz Backlinks
  • Majestic Backlinks
  • Referring Domains
  • .Edu Referring Domains
  • .Gov Referring Domains
  • Unique Referring Subnets
  • Unique Referring IPs
Domain insight Backlink brand overflow
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Social metrics:

  • Facebook Comments
  • Facebook Shares
  • Stumbleupon Stumbles
  • Pinterest Pins
Domain insight social brand overflow
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Ranking metrics:

  • Global rank
  • Country rank
  • Niche industry rank
Domain insight ranking brand overflow
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Audience insights:

  • Average monthly visits
  • Average time on site
  • Average page views
  • Bounce rate
Domain insight audience brand overflow
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Traffic trend:

This shows the graphical fluctuation of the monthly traffic volume.

Geographic coverage:

It will show the top countries where the website is receiving most of the traffic from.

Domain insight traffic channel brand overflow
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Traffic channels:

This section is rather important because it tells you the main channels that are bringing you the most traffic like organic, direct, referral, or social. This will help you decide which of your marketing strategy is bringing you the most traffic so that you can increase that activity.

At the same time it’ll tell you which marketing channels are lacking behind so that you can modify your strategy to bring in more and more traffic.

Channel insights (Search, PPC, Referral & Social):

This section will further breakdown the channel insight into sub categories and as mentioned in the above heading you can determine what works already and what needs more polishing.

Similar sites:

This section will show all the websites that are currently ranking/competing for similar keyword cloud.

Domain insight similar sites brand overflow
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SERP Lookup:

This is a basic feature that lets you look for the search results of a keyword for a specific location.

All you need to do is enter keyword, select the location and click search. It’ll take a couple of seconds to show you the result. By expanding the keywords you can get more in depth information about the ranking website like you get in the keywords tool.

brand overflow SERP look up
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Comparatively, Brand Overflow has introduced competitive plans. There is one free plan (even I’m using that for this review) that’ll let you easily get you enough data to start a blog and the limits gets refreshed monthly.

Paid plans start from $9.99/mo and go up to $699/mo. The basic plan in my opinion is enough for a small site or if you are starting out whereas the top end plan can cater the needs of a small sized agency or a medium-sized authority website as it can track up to 15K keywords and 150k backlinks.

brandoverflow pricing
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Brand Overflow has a very detailed public roadmap where they have listed a bunch of features with the estimated TAT that they are going to implement along with the priority to complete them.

The roadmap features few of the limitations that I noticed with the platform that will hopefully be eliminated with upcoming updates.

Customer Support:

Personally I did not get a chance to contact the brand overflow’s support, so I won’t be giving a personal comment on that but, I’ve seen some reviews from other users who have praised the support they received from Brand Overflow.

Final Thoughts:

Google is becoming smarter day after day and if you want to keep up with the algorithm updates and want to serve the users in the best possible ways than your efforts have to be as per what the users want and not the other way around.

Sure there are many big names when we talk about SEO and digital marketing and everyone is trying to keep up with the pace with which the industry is heading ahead. Although, Brand Overflow is still very young to be compared with the giants but the promise that this tool has shown is incredible.

There are no denying that the platform is still young and lack a lot of features like On page SEO, device specific rank tracking, and sub accounts to name a few but most of them are listed in their roadmap and with a public feedback form I’m sure they’ll be able to not just implement the features mentioned in the roadmap they’ll also introduce the features that the users want.

All in all I’d recommend this product to anyone who wants to take their digital marketing efforts seriously, especially if you could grab an LTD run by the company.