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Blogely Overview

Have you ever heard of the phrase “A picture tells the story of a thousand words”? While that is particularly true in today’s fast-paced world, what seems to be lost in the grand scheme of things is that the dominance and utility of the written word. From an era where poetic artists like William Shakespeare used the written word to paint a picture, we have moved into a generation where the belief of “the pen is mightier than the sword” has been lost. Bringing back the “right” in writing is the all-in-one content creation platform Blogely. 

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Blogely is primarily targeted at bridging the gap for content creators who need to use tons of tools to make their writings SEO friendly, check for plagiarism and editing, and optimizing it time and again. Along with all these functionalities, the platform has gone ahead and made the process of content super easy so that you can concentrate on what matters the most, which is letting the inner artistic juices flow to dish out content that can floor the readers and creators alike. 

So, in this Blogely Review, here is our breakdown on how you can make the most of this platform and become the creative, poetic, artistic, and productivity expert that you always wanted to be. 

Who is at the helm of Blogely

Blogely was founded in 2016 in Santa Clara, California, the USA by a serial entrepreneur Gennady Batrakov who was born and brought up in the Soviet Union. After donning several hats and founding a plethora of productivity tools like BubblesPlanner, StriveChat, and DataQlick, he founded Blogely to build on his ethos of being organized and productive.

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Hailing from a working-class family, he has had a diverse past as a project manager, data governor, business strategist, and also carries a degree in Aviation Engineering (something that every child wants to do at first). However, he credits his diverse career as the reason for his entrepreneurial success. His lean methodology, along with a penchant for productivity and obsession for perfection, has allowed the platform to become exuberant and prolific.

How does Blogely work, and What makes it so useful?

Now, you might be thinking that we are just mindlessly rambling on about the platform’s capability. But what does it actually do? Why is it such a significant advancement? Fret not, as we were just getting to that. 

Blogely is essentially a content creation platform like MS Word, WPS Docs, or Google Docs but with the added functionality of all the other tools of content creation associated with it. The following are the existing tools on the platform:

Writing App

The writing app UI is very similar to a typical word processor that makes it super easy to use and adapt to; however, it comes with added functionalities like outlines and a quick access library to access all of your documents with just two clicks. An AI paraphraser is also being added to help you complete your paragraphs by detecting your writing style. 

Research Documents

Research Documents are some of the most feared documents in the history of content creation. But with Blogely, you can leave those apprehensions and worries at the door as the tool comes with a comprehensive search of the top 100 SERPs, which can help you narrow down and tie directly to the content. 

Blog SEO optimization

SEO optimization is such a big arena in today’s day and age that it has spiraled out to become a standalone field where many companies have built their business model out of this very thing. Thankfully, you don’t have to go out searching for another tool for SEO optimization as Blogely is integrated with its own optimization tool to minimize your manual labor.

Free SEO scan tool to check SEO friendliness of any other blog post

Furthering its stance in the SEO arena, Blogely also provides a free SEO tool for anyone to check the optimization and SEO friendliness of any blog or article on the web.

Content calendar

When you create content for various platforms, it is hard to keep track of what you have posted and where you have posted it. So, instead of creating a calendar manually, the platform comes with a content calendar, along with suggested timings for posting on some of the most famous platforms.

Plagiarism reports

With every search engine becoming more and more catered toward original content being created, it’s imperative to make sure that your content is not plagiarised. With Copyleaks integration into the platform, you can check all of your articles for originality and prevent them from coming to any penalty from any search engine.

WordPress sync

Working with WordPress needs a steep learning curve to be used properly, despite what they might say. But with Blogely, you can directly put stuff out through WordPress with a few clicks. Bye, Bye, complications. Hello, productivity. 

Besides the standard features, the brand is also adding many new functionalities to the platform. While some are in the pipeline, some are long term targets. The following are the up and coming functionalities that will be added shortly:

AI Paraphrasing

With the increased usage of AI in day-to-day functions, it’s only natural to add it here as well to help you write faster and relevantly. 

AI Summarizing

Sometimes you just want a summary, thanks to the AI Summarizer, that is now a reality where the platform will generate a summary of your written content.

Revenue tracking

Once you start marketing and selling your content, you will generate revenue. With the addition of the Revenue tracking tool, you can rest assured that you will be able to observe just how much each article of your has earned.

Ability to add “Mark as published.”

This functionality will come in handy as it will allow you to see which content you have published on which platform and hence minimize redundancy and repetition of the content on a platform.

With the steps being taken towards the short term goals, it’s also important to keep your eyes on the target of where you want to steer your creation. Thankfully, Gennady knows that well enough and already has worked out what features will be added to the platform in the long term:

Additional languages

Support to write in various languages will be added. 

A full CMS

Like a content creation website, a full CMS functionality will be added. 

Presentation Decks and Portfolio Templates

Many businesses use decks to depict different aspects. Presentation deck templates and Portfolio creation templates will be added. 

Payment Gateways

To ensure that your payments are secure and relevant, payment gateways to help you send and receive payments will also be added. 

Integration with various platforms

Integration with platforms like WebFlow, Gutenberg, Mailchimp, Zapier, Sendfox, Pabbly, and are also planned to be added. 

PDF visibility on upload

When you upload content in PDF form, that will also be available to view and, if possible, edit. 

Pros and Cons of Blogely

It is often said that online web portals and review websites offer skewed viewpoints that cater to their business interests and hence don’t promote the real word. 

Thankfully, there is a whole base of customers who can do that for you and help you make an informed decision. For Blogely, the following are good and the bad as described by its users:


  • All-in-one content creation 
  • Easy to get used to
  • Many tools are integrated, so no need for external help
  • SEO and Plagiarism checker
  • Easily access and switching between documents
  • Research document creation
  • The free plan also available
  • WordPress Syncing
  • Content Calendar 


  • A lot of features are limited even in the top plan
  • AI functionality is glitchy
  • Loading takes longer
  • No mobile device usage functionality

Nothing in this world is without its own shortfalls or caveats. Even if there were a perfect product, there would always be something lacking, or a way that someone else can one-up it. So it all boils down to whether the Pros outweigh the Cons. Appreciatively, the benefits of using Blogely are far more than its shortfalls, and hence it is worth putting money into.

Blogely Onboarding Process

Arrive on the Blogely homepage, and you will be welcomed with bold and colorful text and graphics in the first fold, with clear-cut CTA buttons distributed throughout the first fold. Through the text, it conveys what it strives to do and what its made for, and the best part, how it can make your life easier. 

Various control tabs to key informatics are provided from the top center and moving towards the right. At the end of these tabs is the button that says, “Login.” The following is what the homepage looks like:

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There is the chatbot in the bottom left corner, which you can use to solve your basic queries and, if needed, send a more complex query to Gennady himself for resolution. Hovering just above the chatbot is an icon that looks like a bell in a blue circle. Now, given that its likeness to the Facebook and YouTube notification button, you might be thinking that it does just that. And yes, you’re right, click on it, and a pane will open up with the recent updated from the platform as you see below:

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Now, when you close this and browse a little downwards, you will see a pink-colored button that says, “Start Free.” Click on that button, and you will be redirected to the registration page. Or, if you have clicked the “Login” button, you will be redirected to the login page, but there will also be an option to go to the sign-up page at the bottom of the Login page. The following is what the sign-up page looks like:

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Once you reach the registration page, you will have to fill in your details to sign up for the platform. The username has to be unique, while the password has to be alphanumerics and a couple of special characters if you want it to be strong. The password bar shows the strength rating of your password as well.

Once you have clicked the blue colored “Sign up” button at the bottom, you will be redirected to a welcome page where there is a message from the founder. The following is the message you will see:

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This screen is also your dashboard until you create an article. As it says in the message, click on the pink-colored “New” button, and you will see a pop-up to ask you to name the project and put in the key details for the document you are going to start. You will see the following screen. 

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If you don’t want to start writing right away, you can click “Cancel” and go back to the screen with the message. Click on the “My content” tab on the top left corner, and you will see a drop-down list through which you can go to the articles and research documents that you have written. You can also access your content calendar and portfolios through this list. The content calendar will not be available in the free plan, but the research document, portfolio, and articles are accessible. You will see a message from the founder on each page until you create a document. The following is the message you will see on the Portfolio dashboard:

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There is also a “Marketplace” tab next to the “My Content” tab through which you can access the content that you have purchased and the articles that you have sold. You can also browse through the articles that are up for sale. Currently, there are no articles available to buy or sell, but the following is the screen you will see when you access the Marketplace: 

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Now, before you allow the creative juices to flow, it’s best that you learn how to use the platform to make sure you are using its full potential. There are many articles and knowledge base options that you can use to understand the platform’s full functionality. Whether you want a video tutorial or prefer to read the written word, there is provision for both. You can either use the following links to go to the knowledge base of your choice:




You can go to the homepage of Blogely, and click on the “Resources” tab on the upper tabs available, and then click on “Knowledge Base” or “Short Video Overview” for the respective type of content to come to you and give you information that you need. 

Blogely Pricing Structure

Now that you know why it’s a great tool, and how you can join the bandwagon, you reach the most important question of them all. What kind of money are we looking at to use Blogely.

The platform does not provide any yearly payment plans, and hence you will have to choose between the three predefined levels to choose from. While the Basic plan opens up the arena to fairly basic features, the upper plans add their own bit to help you get the best bang-for-the-buck. The following are the coverages you get with each tier of the pricing structure:

Price per month$0$49$99
Key FeaturesUnlimited articlesAdds/Upgrades to Basic Plan:Adds/Upgrades to Solo Plan:
Unlimited notes & file library (size limited to 150mb for a single file)Unlimited versioningUnlimited content portfolios
1 Content portfolioUnlimited backups20 Connected websites
Free portfolio hostingSEO optimization150 Research Docs (per mo)
2 Research Docs (per mo)Editorial Calendar50 Published articles (per mo)
Unlimited messaging3 Content portfoliosUnlimited feedback management
AI-driven Paraphraser 3 Connected websitesUnlimited collaboration
AI-driven Summarizer50 Research Docs (per mo)White label & branding
15% Sales commission16 Published articles (per mo)Unlimited integrations
Feedback management (limited)Unlimited automation
Collaboration (limited10% sales commission
12% sales commission

As is evident from the pricing table, you get a free plan at first to test the waters if you want to use the platform in the long run. If you find it worthy enough, you can pay an amount corresponding to your need and unlock the full capabilities at any given point of time. 

And just as quickly you have opted in, you can opt-out at any point in time as well. Both the processes are pretty straightforward and hence give you full control over your money. If in case you cancel the payment cycle, you will enjoy the paid services for the paid period and will be switched back to the Basic plan at the end of the paid period.

Blogely Customer Support

For every business, success is determined by how its customers are treated and whether they are valued as patrons or just cash cows to be milked for more money. While the cash cow route might get you more revenue initially, it won’t get you a sustainable business model in the long run, and you will be left high and dry.

Fortunately, Gennady understands the significance of keeping his buyers happy and hence has provided three means to help you get in touch with him. 

First is through the chatbot available on every page of the website at the bottom right corner. Click it, and you will find Gennady’s pic floating in there with a message saying, “How may I help you?” and some intuitive reply buttons. Through this bot, you should be able to find the majority of the solutions to your problems about the platform and its usage:

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But if the chatbot is not able to solve your problems, you can use the other method. Either you can directly click here: and go to the contact page, or you can browse all the way through to the bottom of the page and click “Contact Us.” In both cases, you will be redirected to a page that looks like this:

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You need to put in your details, and Gennady replies to all queries himself. The usual response time varies anywhere between a few hours to 2 working days. Weekends are off for the man who is obsessed with productivity as he also promotes a healthy work-life balance. So, if you want a quick resolution, make sure to do that on a working day itself. Otherwise, be prepared to wait slightly longer till the next coming Monday for any response. 


To buy or not to buy is the conundrum many face in a world that literally has 10 alternatives to everything. However, for Blogely, there is no one better. With a price that is hard to beat, the platform certainly delivers a lot. And like it’s said, “the gesture is enough for a sensible person,” you can understand that Blogely is a tool that will save you tons of time, effort and hence make you much more productive and oriented around things that matter the most.

Hence, we would definitely recommend you to start using Blogely and unlock the inner modern-day Shakespeare in yourself!!