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BacklinkSEO Overview:

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try to optimize; your website or blog just doesn’t rank on Google and attract the type of traffic you desire. Even though your website or blog has a strong foundation and offers all the high-quality content to satisfy one’s intent, it just doesn’t increase the quantity or quality of your website’s traffic.

That is where backlinks come into play, using them properly improves the visibility and searchability of a website to a point where it increases the overall exposure of your website, or blog. Backlinks are considered to be the backbone of one’s SEO strategy, and the quality of the backlink itself largely determines its effectiveness. 

So now you must be asking, how do you manage and monitor a backlink. This is where BacklinkSEO takes over.

BacklinkSEO is the ultimate backlinks monitor that lets you track and analyze backlinks and automates the entire backlink building, analyzing, and monitoring process. However, not all backlinks are good backlinks, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. 

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Search engines such as Google, mainly focus on the quality, rather than the quantity when it comes to backlinks. Bad backlinks will only make things worse and analyzing whether a backlink is good or bad can be a tough row to hoe. However, with BacklinkSEO, you can do it with your eyes shut.

Who is at the helm of BacklinkSEO?

BacklinkSEO was founded in 2020 and currently operates out of Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas. The person responsible for the inception of this marvelous platform is Abdul A. Mukati who is a battle-hardened veteran with years of experience and knowledge.

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Abdul Mukati has worked at different positions throughout his career and has led many start-ups and projects towards success with his vast experience and unerring expertise. Apart from being a successful entrepreneur and businessman, he is also a family man who loves traveling around the world.

Abdul Mukati has introduced numerous SaaS products such as Verifybee, Oevo, Outreachbin, and many more but the one crowning achievement that we will be taking a look at today is BacklinSEO.

Abdul Mukati has years and years of experience in the digital world and is currently working in several different positions at several different companies and businesses. Although he is the true embodiment of versatility, his other candid specialties include product designs, product roadmaps, SaaS products, workload management, etc.

How does BacklinkSEO work & what makes it so useful?

BacklinkSEO is an effective, feature-rich, and affordable tool that offers extensive coverage and functionality when it comes to managing and tracking backlinks. BacklinkSEO is a lifesaver for anyone looking to boost their rankings as BacklinkSEO enables them to gain an insight into their backlink profile and also identify any room for improvement.

BacklinkSEO is a feature-packed tool that focuses solely on backlinks, now let’s take a look at all the features that it offers;

Backlink Monitoring:

BacklinkSEO provides you with a complete audit of your website along with its backlink profile. BacklinkSEO’s backlink monitor allows you to add multiple websites and then provides you with all kinds of information related to your website with a particular focus on backlinks. It shows you detailed information about your website such as the number of visitors, engagement, average visit duration, bounce rate, etc.

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Under your website’s details is a list of all of the backlinks it currently has. Backlinks can be added manually or using a beta version of Backlink Crawler which automatically fetches the links from its ever-growing database. 

Once the backlinks are added, you can monitor them easily and get all the required information from them such as Active Links, Moz Domain Authority, Moz Page Authority, rank, etc.

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Keyword Tracking:

Keywords are crucial to SEO, since they create a link between the type of content you provide and what people are searching for online. BacklinkSEO’s keyword tracker is not only useful for tracking the performance of your site in search engines, but it also helps you identify which SEO tactics work and which don’t. Keyword tracking completes the circle by giving you more relevant details for the diagnosis and provides you with a competitive edge.

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BacklinkSEO’s keyword tracker allows you to enter a keyword into its search bar and see where the most traffic comes from. It allows you to monitor the impact of keywords on your website along with their organic rankings, impressions, clicks, etc. You can also track keyword changes, traffic, live links, do-follow status, etc.

Competitor Insights:

Competitive analysis helps you understand your business environment and gives you a better understanding of your competitors’ present and future plans. BacklinkSEO allows you to keep an eye on your competitors, so you can extract valuable information and in-depth insights. In this world of constant competition, knowledge is power. 

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BacklinkSEO gives you the ability to review your competitors’ backlinks, domain rankings, backlinks, Majestic TF, Majestic CF, Moz Rank and more. BacklinkSEO’s upcoming insights tool will enable you to perform in-depth backlink analysis on your competitors, giving you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Cold Emailing:

Cold Emailing allows you to reach out to prospects and convert them into leads by explaining the benefits of working with them. If the goal is to improve the search engine rankings of your website and drive more traffic, knowing how to acquire backlinks through outreach is crucial. 

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BacklinkSEO automates the entire backlink outreach process, so you can focus on your content instead of having to spend time finding opportunities, sourcing contact emails, setting up templates and sequences.

Page Insights:

Page insights are vital to see what works and what doesn’t, giving you a better idea on where you’re wasting time and money, and how it can be improved. Page insights are incredibly useful in growing your website.

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BacklinkSEO allows you to see your or your competitors’ top pages, landing pages, domain data, coverage based on referring pages, etc. It gives you an all-around view of all the actionable information you need to succeed.

Backlink Profile Insights:

From an SEO standpoint, do-follow links are more valuable than no-follow links. A no-follow backlink has no influence on page rankings and does not count as a point in the page’s favor. On the other hand, do-follow links greatly affect your search engine rankings. 

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BacklinkSEO gives you a detailed analysis of your backlink profile, including Do-Follow links, No-Follow links, Sponsored Links, List Links, Redirects, etc. It not only points out the different types of backlinks, but also lists which ones affect your traffic and ranking the most.

Backlink Campaigns:

BacklinkSEO stands out from the other backlink monitoring tools on the market because it features Backlink Campaigns which automate the whole backlink outreach process. Outreach campaigns allow you to perform different searches and help you find possible backlinking opportunities.

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BacklinkSEO uses its search engine to help you find viable backlink opportunities, then find the targeted email addresses so you can launch your email campaign, all in a few minutes. It can be difficult to keep track of all the backlinks when you do a mass guest post campaign, but BacklinkSEO makes it easy to see all your backlinks after the guest post has been published.

SEO Tools:

BacklinkSEO comes with a set of SEO tools such as the Backlink Explorer, Competitor Insights, Linking Opportunities, SERP Viewer, and Post Tracker. All of these tools are must-haves for tracking progress and improving your SEO strategy.

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The backlink explorer allows you to enter any website, and then it displays the complete information of the website’s backlink profile. Competitive analysis gives you information about a website’s metric data such as traffic source, authority, rankings, backlinks, keywords, etc. Similarly, your competitors’ SEO strategy can be analyzed using these other SEO tools.

SEO Checklist:

BacklinkSEO provides a handy SEO Checklist that consists of recommended ways to improve your website’s SEO. It contains a wide list of instructions on how to improve different aspects of Search Engine Optimization.  

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The SEO Checklist also indicates the status of each task and whether it is free to complete or requires money. These tasks are all SEO-centric, so they improve the SEO of your website in some form.

Native Integrations:

BacklinkSEO has built-in integrations with popular contact-verification services such as Hunter, Snovio, and OneMoreLead. You can use these to find contact details of possible leads, and then prospect better. 

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Pros & Cons of BacklinkSEO:

All things considered, BacklinkSEO seems to be the front-runner when compared to different backlink monitoring tools. However, life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine so you have to weigh the pros and cons before jumping into anything.

Now let’s take a look at some of the favorable and the unfavorable factors of using this tool;


  • Hundreds of professional email templates for outreach campaigns.
  • Manages up to 40 domains at once and monitors up to 15,000 backlinks per month.
  • Native integrations with multiple email finders and verifiers allow you to quickly access the contact details of your prospects. 
  • Fast and reliable tool that allows you to automate outreach and cold emailing campaigns to request backlinks.
  • Always be aware of your competitors’ changing tactics and maintain your backlink strategy.
  • Connect your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts and display live information and statistics right on your dashboard.
  • Quick response to queries with live-chat support.
  • BacklinkSEO can manage multiple projects for different clients and teams, allowing up to 60 team/client members.


  • In general, the UI/UX could be improved, and the overall arrangement of elements can be enhanced for greater user-friendliness and ease-of-access.
  • The backlinks database seems to be a little superficial at this time and the lack of sufficient data can be annoying.
  • BacklinkSEO is also lacking its own email finding tool, so you will have to rely on third-party tools like Hunter or Snovio that require paid credits.
  • The learning curve is slightly higher and takes more time and effort when setting up and adding links.

BacklinkSEO is a product that does most of what it promises with a few dings and dents of course but most of them can be overlooked as it is still in its infancy but with constant updates, it is bound to get better.

If we take all the positive aspects of this product and subtract all its negatives, we conclude that BacklinkSEO is a powerhouse in the making. There is definitely more good than bad.

BacklinkSEO’s Onboarding process:

Having heard all this sweet-talk about how BacklinkSEO can do wonders, I’m sure the very next thing that crosses your mind is. Where do I sign up? So, look no further, we’ve got you covered with a step-by-step onboarding guide.

To get things rolling, you just need to visit BacklinkSEO’s homepage, which is full of flying UFOs and cats, giving you a unique vibe. Now to signup you can either click on the “Monitor Backlinks” button in the middle of the screen or you can click on the orange-colored button on the top-right corner that says “FREE TRIAL”. 

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Both of those buttons will lead you to a simple registration form to begin your BacklinkSEO trial. To complete the registration, you need to just enter an email address, a password, and your company’s name. Then click “Sign Up” to create your account.

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After your account has been successfully created, you will be notified and told that you can now log in. Just enter the email address and password you used to create the account to log in.

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Now, you’ll get a 5 step form to get started on BacklinkSEO. In the first step, you must enter the domain and brand name of your website. After you’ve entered these details, click “Next Step” to proceed.

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The next step is giving the tool permission to use its Backlink Crawler feature to automatically find backlinks for your website. Depending on your preference, you can select either “Yes” or “No”. 

Selecting “Yes” allows the tool to check your domain against their database of backlinks. However, it is worth mentioning that their database does not always find backlinks and in that case, you would just have to import them manually. After that, we click on “Next Step”.

In the third step, you can connect your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts to your dashboard. Click on the “Sync Now” button to connect your google accounts. After that, we move on to the next step.

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The fourth step allows you to manually import all of your backlinks so they can be tracked and analyzed with BacklinkSEO’s tools. You can either manually insert the backlinks by writing them down one by one or you can just simply upload a .csv file containing all your backlinks which will automatically be imported for you. 

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Finally, you are asked if you want to enable the crawling process. After a quick yes or no, you may proceed directly to the BacklinkSEO dashboard, where all the magic happens.

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BacklinkSEO specializes in providing you with an extensive, comprehensive strategy when it comes to backlinks and search engine optimization (SEO). And that’s precisely what you see when you open the dashboard of BacklinkSEO. 

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The dashboard is loaded with information that might seem confusing initially, but it all starts to make sense once you’ve settled down. It is jam-packed with useful information, for example that graph on the top pulls data from your Google Analytics account and displays it, and beneath that you can see all the backlinks that you added. You can access all the other tools from the menu bar on the left side.

BacklinkSEO Pricing Structure:

I’m sure after that feature-by-feature breakdown, everyone here is bouncing off the walls and can’t wait to dive in and completely reshape their website or blog. However, BacklinkSEO is an extensive tool, and learning it can be a little challenging and often time consuming. So before we dive into anything, let’s take a look at the different pricing plans they offer.

The plans range from $25 to $99 per month, namely Startup, Business, and Agency. You can get a trial account to try Out BacklinkSEO for a limited time.

Price$25/month$49/month $99/month
BacklinksMonitor up to 2,500 backlinksMonitor up to 6,000 backlinksMonitor up to 15,000 backlinks
DomainsManage up to 9 domains Manage up to 20 domains Manage up to 40 domains 
Credits2,500 domain enrichment credits per month 6,000 domain enrichment credits per month 15,000 domain enrichment credits per month 
IntegrationsAll IntegrationsAll IntegrationsAll Integrations
Team MembersAdds up to 10 Team/Client Members  Adds up to 25 Team/Client Members  Adds up to 60 Team/Client Members  
Outreach CampaignsUp to 9 outreach campaigns Up to 20 outreach campaigns Up to 50 outreach campaigns 
Crawl Check7 Day crawl check 5 Day crawl check 3 Day crawl check 
Backlinks Database AccessDatabase AccessDatabase AccessDatabase Access
API AccessAPI AccessAPI AccessAPI Access
Backlink ReportingNo White label Backlink Reporting White label Backlink Reporting White label Backlink Reporting 
Lead GenerationNo Lead GenerationLead GenerationNo Lead Generation
Audit ReportsNo White label Audit Reports White label Audit Reports No White label Audit Reports 

At just $29 per month, the Startup Plan allows you to monitor up to 2500 backlinks each month while adding up to 9 domains and starting 9 outreach campaigns. It is the best choice for all the freelancers, mid-tier business owners, and marketers who want to keep their backlinks in check without breaking the bank.

Then there is the Business Plan, which starts at $49. It offers a much more thorough and sophisticated approach for agencies. In this plan you can manage up to 6000 backlinks every month, with the ability to add up to 20 domains and start up to 20 outreach campaigns. It also includes White label Backlink reporting which is not available in the Startup Plan. 

In the Agency Plan, you can add up to 40 domains and launch 50 outreach campaigns with the ability to manage up to 15,000 backlinks per month for $99 per month. This plan is ideal for large marketing agencies or enterprise businesses. You can manage up to 60 team members and add additional features like Whitelabel Audit Reports and Lead Generation.

BacklinkSEO Customer Support:

Today it is evident that great products and services are not enough to ensure customer loyalty. If you want your customers to return to you in the future, you need to offer them good customer service, which they can easily access around the clock and get timely responses.

BacklinkSEO people are passionate about their project and can help you resolve any problem you might encounter in the most swift and professional way possible. Customer support stays on top of its users’ needs and makes sure that they feel valued and appreciated.

You can get all kinds of help by visiting their help centre from the bottom of the homepage. There are a number of support articles and guides in the help centre that will help you get started if you face any kind of difficulties. You can type in your query in the search bar and it will bring up any article or how-to guide that might have an answer. 

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If your issue remains unsolved or it requires human guidance, then you can access the live chat feature which allows you to talk to the support team that will be in a better position to guide you.

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You can also reach them from the dashboard by clicking the blue support button. It allows you either to search or speak to a customer service representative directly. You can also send the customer support an email at [email protected] if you have any questions, suggestions, or complaints.


BacklinkSEO is a goldmine for people who are obsessed with SEO, backlinks, and outreach since it is a powerful and cost-effective platform focused primarily on backlinks. BacklinkSEO offers accurate results, extended functionality, and a wide range of backlink related tools without burning a hole in your wallet. However, the user experience still needs a lot of TLC but we can surely expect it to improve dramatically in the coming months.

So far, BacklinkSEO has been a positive experience, and if you’re looking for a complete tool to assist you with managing backlinks, then this is the tool for you.