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Awario Review And Overview – Business Growth with Awareness

Awario Overview

Ever wanted to get exponential growth in your business? Of course, you did. That’s all that any business owner wants. But to do that, you want to hack in the minds of your existing customers and potential customers. What if we told you that there is a tool to allow you to do just that? Would you want to get in on that action? Presenting Awario, a tool that has enabled brands to join every conversation needed to expand and grow their businesses exponentially.

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Awario is a social listening tool that gives brands access to data that matters to their business. Ranging from what their customers are talking about to the trends of the market to what their competitors are doing. Started in 2015 as a tangent from SEO PowerSuite, Awario now serves customers worldwide from three locations after it became a full time incorporated business in 2018. The tool allows the business to read, hear, and know where and when they are being mentioned, by using the indexing and crawling library that search engines use.

With this kind of knowledge about what the people think about you, and what is it that they are saying about you, Awario allows you to join the conversation and at marginal prices so that you can grow and invest more in where it matters the most.

Who is at the helm of Awario?

Awario had humble beginnings and was first started as a spin-off in 2015 from the main company SEO PowerSuite. After gaining some traction, and diversifying and trying, and testing, the company, became standalone in 2018.

It was founded by Aleh Barysevich, who is an expert in digital marketing and growth hacking. From his years of experience at SEO PowerSuite, he has understood how to adapt the products to suit the audience in this digital age. Today he serves as Chief Marketing Officer of the company.

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Besides Aleh, the team at Awario also has others who have joined the bandwagon to help the entrepreneur and have seen entrepreneurial successes in their own regard.

Yuri Bitno is a serial entrepreneur and has been working in this space for quite some time now. At the helm of 3 companies, including Awario, Yuri uses his experience as a multi-faceted entrepreneur to exceed expectations for both the investors and clients. Presently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Awario.

Denis Dudinski is different from the others here. While others have had their fair share of entrepreneurial journeys, he is a software engineer and developer at the core and has risen to the rank he is by sheer hard work and a gradual process. Due to his proven track record as a software developer, he serves as the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) for Awario.

What makes Awario useful

Now, that you know Awario is a tool that can help you tap into the market with its unique approach of reading the indexing and crawling, you might want to use it. But what exactly does it offer, and how is it useful for you. Here are the top reasons why it’s the perfect tool for your business:

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Non-stop monitoring

Knowing is half the battle, they say. And that is why Awario constantly scans the World Wide Web to identify and understand where you are being mentioned across the entire globe. With the information being brought to you first, you can react to these mentions promptly, before anyone else weighs in.

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Powerful analytics.

With AI and ML taking more and more control over our day-to-day operations, analytics can help you track your growth by using various practices to analyze where your business is growing. Using sentiment analysis, it also understands the emotion of the market to your brand. You can also share these results with your team to draw out key insights that cater to your business interests.

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Any language, any resource, any location.

Most businesses get limited by their language and geographical barriers. With Awario, you can leave these worries behind as you will be able to track mentions in any language and in any given location as per your own set key metrics.

Social selling.

For any business to survive, there is only one thing that will keep them afloat. And that is sales. Awario comes with the Awario Leads feature for generating leads and social selling. It uses feedback given by the users complaining about your competitors’ products and allows you to swoop in to offer a solution. So, in essentiality, you are getting the work of a door-to-door salesman across the globe.

New discussions in your inbox.

The customer is the king. And hence, missing out on a conversation that can generate revenue is one of the most heinous crimes for a business. You can set up alerts for Awario that will allow it to deliver monthly or weekly summaries of your mentions right to your inbox so that your attention reaches the right places at the right time.

Boolean search.

Reading that word might make you remember the “Boolean Algebra” from high school. But don’t worry, this isn’t that. This feature allows your search queries to be as defined and specific as you want to get the most relevant and targeted results. It can help you narrow down your spectrum of attention to where you want it. Plus, if you want to understand the inner workings, the brand also offers a guide to do that.

Important conversations first.

While conversations with your customers are important, some are imperative. Awario’s Reach helps you instantly see how many people are involved in and exposed to any discussion about your brand. You can sort the mentions to see which one needs your attention first and then prioritize your efforts to put out some fires and do some marketing to keep customers and audiences happier.

Handy folders for an organized workspace.

In the cruel world of Social Media, it’s easy for your routine to get cluttered up. Thankfully, Awario will group mentions by the type they are (shares, retweets, reposts) and then group them together pertaining to the post they relate to. You can mark done and pending to allow them to move to different folders automatically. The platform enables you to highly specify which posts you want to solve first and which one you want to track regularly.

White-label reports.

The critical part about data is drawing insights, and from those, generating a relevant report. While it can take long hours of work to develop these reports, Awario can help you with that as well. With data-rich and brandable reports, you can get reports on social listening, share of voice, and Influencers. And the best part is that you can share it with your team and/or clients with just a click.

Only relevant discussions.

While search results are great, they can sometimes be ambiguous and over inclusive. To save yourself time in regards to what is irrelevant to your business, you can set up negative keywords to exclude posts that mention those and help you to narrow down your efforts to growth related to tasks and not just some noise on the internet.

Take your mentions mobile.

With the increased utilization of mobility and remote work, it’s more and more imperative that your business growth does not stay limited to your office laptop. With Awario, you get the power to take it anywhere you go and manage your tasks anytime you see fit. The real freedom of handling your business indeed.

With so many features that can allow you to explore and harness the true potential of a search engine, Awario strives to become a formidable force in the world of business growth and will enable you to take your business to new heights.

Pros and Cons of Awario

While Awario is an excellent tool for almost anyone out there, it is more than imperative to understand what it’s actually good at and where its pitfalls are to know if the money you are planning to spend is worth it or not. And all of it from the mouths of existing users.


  • Easy monitoring
  • Easy to set up and track alerts
  • Sales leads feature
  • A better understanding of the market
  • Helps in public feedback
  • Results in some languages are limited
  • Great value for money.


  • LinkedIn is not supported
  • The program is slow sometimes
  • Need to learn the entire UI first for optimal option
  • Limits on filters for reports

Like any great product, there are a few pitfalls. And they are not so hard to live with as long as the pros outweigh the cons, and you can crush your business goals. So, as you can see, most businesses love how well the tool has worked for their business and allowed them to generate more leads for their business.

Awario Onboarding Process

When you reach the website homepage, there are two buttons, “Log in” and “Sign Up” at the top right corner. Furthermore, for those who fail to notice those, the front screen also holds a search bar field where you just have to enter your email address and “Sign up for Free.”

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Type in your email address and then click the green “Sign up for Free” button, and you will be redirected to a page where you will have to start creating your project for the platform. This will involve writing your brand name, the domain/products you want to run this campaign on, and the competitors you want to track.

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Once you have put all of that in and clicked the blue colored “Create Project” button, you will directly be redirected to the dashboard. You will see all the various menus on the left side. Currently, Awario is limited to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit, so you can start by connecting those accounts. People are waiting for LinkedIn and Pinterest to be added to this list, but that is still being worked out.

Just next to the menus is where you can see posts about the products and competitors. Here is what the dashboard will look like:

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At first, it’s just a free trial for 7 days with very limited features. But if you want to tap into the full potential of the platform right from the get-go, then you can click on the “Upgrade” button at the bottom left corner and go to the payment portal.

You will be redirected to the Pricing tab from the homepage, but now, you will get to choose which one to pick and make the payments for it. The following will be the page you will be redirected to:

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Here you can find the various features of each tier and decide which one you want to opt for. The only difference of doing this after you register is that now you have the profile set up, and can directly get down to business once you are done with the payments.

Awario Pricing Structure

To stay on top of your expenses and make sure that your money goes into the right places, it’s more imperative to understand what kind of tier is useful for your business. While it’s easy to go ahead and get the best package, this can add to rising expenses if your business is just starting out in the vast array of things.

Thankfully, Awario has a very inclusive process and allows you to choose which tier of payments is right for you. Furthermore, it will also allow you to get better at business and streamline your efforts. They can be billed monthly or yearly, depending on your comfort. The following are the tiers from which you can opt.

Monthly Billing (price per month)$29$89$299
Yearly Billing (price per month)$24$74$249
No of topics to monitor31550
No of new mentions/mo30,0001,50,0005,00,000
No of stored mentions per topic500015,00050,000
No of team members1310
Boolean searchYesYesYes
Data exportNoYesYes
Shareable reportsNoYesYes
White-label PDF & HTML reportsNoNoYes
Account ManagerNoNoYes

If it were up to me, we would recommend you to get the Pro package with a monthly billing as that would allow you to cancel the subscription anytime you want and not over-invest to keep costs low. While it is $15 costlier, that will still allow you to save a little if you are looking for a short term investment.

Awario Customer Support

For any business, the key metric of their success is how they respond to the customers to resolve their apprehensions. Ranging from their doubts about your product to the complaints they have, it all boils down to how much attention you are willing to give to your customers and how comprehensive your process of resolution is willing to be.

In any general case, there is a chatbot available at the bottom right corner to allow you to interact and find solutions to your general queries. The following is what it will look like when you click on the button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

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If you are not able to find a resolution to your query with the chatbot, it will automatically redirect you to the contact page, where you will find a form to get in touch with the team. Or, you can also go to that page directly by clicking on the “Contact” tab in the headings on the top of the page. Or, you can click here directly to go to this page by clicking on this link:, which will open up the following page:

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Under any given circumstance, the Awario has made full provisions to make sure its customers can reach them with all of their queries and get them resolved at the earliest. You can use this form to appreciate them as well or just pop in to say a “hi, how are you?” as well.

On an average, the customer care takes anywhere between 1-3 working days to get back to you with a solution, but in some cases, it can be slightly longer as it depends highly on the nature of the problem. One caveat is that it’s not available 24×7, so try not to send a query on the weekends, as that will come into notice on Monday only.

Final Verdict

So it all boils down to this, should you buy the Awario platform tool for yourself or not. With a plethora of tools available everywhere, there is a lot of commotion out there and can easily spin you into a conundrum of which one to choose. However, with my usage with the tool, I would recommend you to get Awario as it indeed allows you to join the conversation before anyone weighs in for you. Also, the price is so nice, that you probably won’t have to think twice.

So, overall, Awario is a tool that acts like Superman for your business; with its heightened sense of hearing, it allows you to swoop in to save the day for your brand and do the right things at the right to get more customers and strengthen the existing ones. 

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