Accuranker Review

AccuRanker Review : Climbing your way to the top one Rank at a Time

Accuranker Overview

Ever wanted to rank on Google for competitive keywords? Well, that’s a no brainer, of course, you would want to rank on Google. After all, that is what drives business for your company, and in turn, traffic which results in sales. So, whether you are a solopreneur or an entrepreneur, everyone wants to rank on Google. 

P.S. even Google wants to rank on their search engine. 

More times than not, many articles from other websites rank for the very topics that you are writing on. So, whether your need is big or small, there has to be a way to track the rank of your articles and posts on various search engines. Enter, AccuRanker, the world’s fastest, most accurate rank-tracker. 

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AccuRanker is the go-to tool for people who want to get the best know-how about how their articles are performing on search engines and for what keywords. Ranging from highly specific keywords to generic and competitive keywords, you can track literally hundreds of thousands of keywords performance for your website.

The platform uses in-depth analytics combined with a powerful infrastructure that provides up-to-date and accurate data in a jiffy. Since the product is based on a cloud platform, you don’t have to worry about the keyword being local or global, as

AccuRanker will gauge both of the instances and then derive the results. Here is more about how the platform can be beneficial for your business. 

Who is at the helm of AccuRanker?

If you turn over the pages of AccuRanker’s history, you will see that the company was founded in 2013 in the city of Aarhus in Denmark by two partners, Henrik and Christian. Both of them were actually college buddies and met at the university where they were both majoring in Computer Science.

Both of them graduated and went their separate ways, but came on board later to build a new Software as a Service (SaaS) company providing keyword rank tracking, which is now known as AccuRanker.

Accuranker Founders
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Henrik S. Jørgensen is a serial entrepreneur and AccuRanker is actually his second startup after having exited from his first business successfully. Building on the winning cues from his previous entrepreneurial journey, he now serves as the co-founder and CEO of AccuRanker.

Christian Hedegaard Pedersen has had a gradual climb to the entrepreneurial hat he dons now. He has worked in corporate jobs as a developer in various roles. Thanks to his unique outlook on the segment, he now serves as the co-founder and CTO of AccuRanker.

The collective vision and technical know-how that they both bring to the table are what has made the platform one of the most trusted tools in the world of keywords tracking. Thanks to this very attribute that the platform now has more than 25,000 paying customers in 70+ countries.

How does AccuRanker work and what makes it so useful?

In order to reach the ranks of the greats, it takes more than just clever marketing. After all, if the features are not up to the mark, sooner or later, the business will tank because its utility will cease to exist in the long run. Thankfully, AccuRanker does not have such problems. It is an immensely powerful tool that gives accurate, insightful data on-demand. The following are the standout features you get:

Instant On-Demand Updates-

To offer better control of your SEO strategy, daily updates, and on-demand data, AccuRanker lets you refresh your keyword rankings at any time you want. 

Accuranker Rank Tracking
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SERP History

Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) pages have a higher probability to rank on Google. With the SERP history tracker, you can see how individual SERPs on your website is performing on search engines.

Accuranker serp analysis
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In-Depth Analysis

Segment and filter your data to enable the ‘organize your data’ view. Share insights with your team so they can make smart, data-driven decisions.

Share of Voice

Accurate overview of your organic position in the marketplace and potential. For any level or segments like keywords, tags, landing pages, custom views and then analysis on those fronts

Historic Data-

Easily review changes in your keyword rankings.

Tagging and Landing Pages-

This helps in measuring the impact of your SEO strategy and organize large keyword data with our tag cloud and landing page features.

Accuranker Landing Pages
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Unlimited Domains-

Easily add and manage all domains under one account.

Unlimited Users-

The platform also offers the ability to add unlimited users, and hence you can grant access to your clients and team members in a few short clicks.

In-depth analysis

Segment and filter your data to perform in-depth analysis and target precise data sets. Organize your data view and share it with your team so you can be on the same page and make smart, data-driven decisions.

With these kinds of features implemented as a standard, you can start to unlock them as per the number of keywords you start to pick up and track, and consecutively, pay a higher fee altogether.

Pros and Cons of AccuRanker

In a world where every company and literally every product is literally boasting about the good things of their offerings, there are ones like AccuRanker that are actually not giving any heed to shouting its own music. Instead, all the good things that AccuRanker is known to come from the feedback of its users, and the brand uses those to market itself. Owing to the very fact the following are the Pros and Cons of the platform from the mouths of the consumers themselves:


  • Available to be bought from many third-party providers
  • Great Training materials
  • Lots of use cases
  • New features and functionality is added constantly 
  • Fast, Clean, and Responsive UI
  • Customer Care is very responsive
  • Analytics offer key insights
  • Helps in decision making


  • Can get confusing at times
  • Can be hard to see when there was an update in the rankings 
  • The learning curve is slightly bigger

As is evident, the Pros of using AccuRanker for your business clearly outweigh the cons and hence makes the case for being a very value for money proposition. Furthermore, with the versatile and robust approach it has to the segment, you can very well walk away with a lot of practical and usable features with the AccuRanker platform.

AccuRanker Onboarding Process

Now that you know what AccuRanker brings to the table, you might be more than inclined to jump on the platform’s bandwagon and start stirring up a storm of keywords for your website to drive more traffic.

But how exactly would you do that? The answer is by signing up. To do that, you will have to head to the homepage first which will have a white background and have some infographic images explaining the brand’s usage in a single line.

For quite some times AccuRanker offered a 14 days trial available for all. They’ve disabled this option now and now the CTA button has been change from Start your 14 days trial period to “Start Your Subscription”.

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To get the trial version of the SaaS, I dropped an email to the support, and they responded within one working day and sent me a link that I could use to activate my 14 days trial before making a decision to purchase the software. However, if you have already read all the reviews and are ready to get on-board then you can simply start the subscription.

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Once you click on either the start subscription button you are presented with this screen which clearly states that this is not a trial version and you’d have to enter billing information to use the tool. However, in my case, since I was lucky enough to get the trial, I did not have to enter the billing information:

Accuranker registration
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Here you have to set up the business and company details and enter the keywords that you want to track. At the least, you will get the opportunity to track 1,000 keywords and pay $109 monthly for it. The best, you will get 50,000 keywords to track along with monthly billing of $2,149. So no matter what stage of business you are in, there is a plan available for you.

Accuranker Dashboard
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Finally, you reach the dashboard where you find all the menus on the left in black, and the center of the dashboard that looks like a plain sheet of paper. But as you put in the work and start tracking your keywords, your dashboard will display the real-world statistics of those keywords that are always up to date, a little too much sometimes.

AccuRanker Pricing Structure

Now, you might be thinking that the platform has already signed you up for $109 a month in order to help you, but are there any tiers or something to see what I get for my price and if possible, can you downgrade to a cheaper plan. AccuRanker used to have payment plans, but now, it’s purely on the number of keywords you choose. 

The plans start from $109 monthly for tracking 1,000 keywords and go up to $2,149 per month for tracking 50,000 keywords. Corresponding to how many keywords you choose, the final price you pay will change. Irrespective of the plan you choose, the following are the inclusions you will find with the platform subscription:

Price Per Month (billed monthly)$109
Price Per Month (billed yearly)$99
Key FeaturesGoogle / YouTube / Bing / Yandex / Baidu
Desktop / Mobile / Local Results
50+ Unique SERP Features
10 Competitors
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Users
Advanced-Data Segmentation
Advanced Reporting
Daily and On-Demand Rank Updates
Google & Adobe Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Data Studio
Advanced Share of Voice
Historic Search Volume
Landing Pages
Tag Cloud
Advanced Metrics
SERP History
Historic SERP Importer

With a true pay for what you get plan, AccuRanker has made sure to keep costs low and yet standards high. When you opt for the annual billing, you can actually save 10% of the cost overall. For a budding entrepreneur or solopreneur, they will actually jump on the very chance you get when they discount.

However, if you don’t find the use for more than a month or two, you will have lost a lot of hard-earned money on a tool that no longer serves any usage. Hence, we would recommend you to get 1000 keywords at a monthly billing cycle so that you can cancel at any time and save money when you are not going to be using it further. 

AccuRanker Customer Support

Behind every successful business are happy and paying customers. And the reason they continue to remain paying customers is that they have found something useful with the product and keep coming back to use it time and again. Hence, they end up becoming recurring customers or patrons in the long run. These are the very few people that turn a product from good to great. 

Add to that the fact they also have a spectacular method of handling customer complaints, and you get a winning deal of a great product and great customer support. In order to get in touch with the support team, you actually have a few ways.

The first step to do any of that is to go to the homepage where you will find the chatbot button perched in the bottom right corner in orange color. This is omnipresent on all pages so that you are just one click away from help when you need it.

Accuranker Home Page
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When you click on the chatbot, the chat window will open up with a welcome message and ask you for your email address. If you are already logged in, you can start with your query right away, otherwise, it will ask for your email address first in order to understand which account it’s interacting with.

The chatbot is more than well equipped to answer any and every query you can throw at it, but in cases where you might not find the adequate solution, it will refer you to the help guides or give you the email address of the support team to get in touch with them to solve your query.

accuranker chat support
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The support page ( will give you three options, call them, mail them, or go to the help guides page. For your reference, the following are the ones you are looking for:

Email- [email protected]

Phone- +4578750186

Help guides page-

The team usually takes about 24 hours to respond to queries and resolve them, however, depending on the severity of the problem, this can go up to 72 hours as well. Considering that the platform is fairly easy to use and understand, you might not find many hassles or big issues to tackle in your day-to-day use.

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If you have already dropped them a mail or called them about your problem, you might still be inclined to check out the guides in order to understand the product better and maybe pick up a few tricks along the way. Go to the help guides page or click, and you will find neatly curated categories on how to use the product in the best way possible.

Ranging from starting up and setting up the project to the nitty gritties of how to derive key decisions from the analytics and insights. Literally, everything has been provided in the help guide, right from the minds of the founders and the developers of the platform.

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Irrespective of whichever direction you choose to go, the product does not allow any person to leave disappointed. The team is well seasoned and in the time that has gone by, they have quite literally proven that their product is one of the best in the market and they are willing to go to any lengths to retain their customers in the best way possible. 

If you want to pick up some additional tips and tricks, you can even head over to their blog where the team has posted articles about real-life use cases or troubleshooting guides, or explainer articles of new features that have been added. Overall, when the product on offer is so hands-on and actually immersive in its capabilities, you can easily come to see why over 25,000 customers have instilled trust in them. 


To choose or not to choose is precisely the question you might be asking when you look and read about AccuRanker. The platform surely has its highlights in terms of helping you understand what SEO measures are working and what are not along with many other insights on the same. 

However, at any point in time, the services do not come pocket friendly, with the prices beginning at $109 per month. While you are getting a lot more than you will ever need, there is still a matter of keeping costs low for a startup that the platform seriously does not offer. 

Hence, the question answers itself easily. We would recommend you to pick up the AccuRanker plan only in the basic plan and that too when your startup is earning more than $1,000 per month.