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12 Must Have Tools For Professional Copywriters

Copywriting is not easy by any means. It has evolved drastically over the years and has become one of the most in-demand jobs in today’s fast-paced business environment. Whether you work in marketing, user experience, or just anything digital – businesses require good copywriters. However, copywriting at times can feel like a real struggle even for the most experienced copywriters.

As a result, they are always looking for tools that can make the job a bit easier. Of course, if you have been in the copywriting business – you might have heard about the big names such as Grammarly, Copyscape, and Hemingway. And yes, they are a must-have as well. But there are more, lesser-known tools out there that can make copywriting more efficient and easier for copywriters.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most essential tools you need to have in your arsenal as a copywriter.

1. Yoast SEO – Free

One of the most essential tools that a copywriter must-have in their arsenal is the Yoast SEO. The tool helps you in improving both the SEO and readability of your blogs or articles. Being said that, the Yoast SEO tools allow you to improve the overall SEO score of your blogs.

The tool allows you to set a keyword for your blog and helps in evaluating the meta-description, and everything else on the specific page. It helps you in understanding how often you are using the keyword, the number of inbound and outbound links, and much more. It also offers you suggestions to improve the on-page SEO.

Yoast SEO tells you if the sentences or paragraphs are too long, or if you are using too much passive voice in your blog. All of these recommendations from the Yoast SEO tools help in improving the overall ranking of your blog on Google Search. Therefore, increasing the ranking of your website. Thus, making it one of the most essential tools for any copywriter.

2. CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – Free

Headlines are an important part of your blog writing strategy. For the most part, writing an effective and attractive headline takes more time than writing the entire blog. It is because you are never too sure if the headline is attractive or not.

If the headline is not attractive, then people will not click on it and you will not get the desired output from the blog. Therefore, it becomes important that you have a strong headline for your blog that people will actually click on. The CoSchedule Headline Analyzer is an excellent tool that can help you with that. It evaluates your blog headline on different parameters such as word count, emotions, and much more.

All of these factors combined help you in writing an excellent and strong headline that people will click on.

3. Read-able – Free

Read-able is another must-have tool for copywriters. It checks the readability score of your content and tells you how easy or difficult the information is to consume. When you improve the readability of your content, readers are bound to spend more time on your blog and thus on your website. Thus, reducing the bounce and exit rate for your website.

Read-able also provides you with detailed test statistics about your content. For instance, it provides you with detail on the number of sentences, number of words, number of complex words, percent of complex words, average words per sentence, and average syllables per word. All of these factors help you in improving the readability of your content.

The Read-able tool is completely free to use. Just upload the content either by copy-pasting the text or by using the link and start analyzing the content for readability.

4. Hemingway – Free

Hemingway is very similar to Read-able. It also helps in improving the readability of your content. Just enter the text and the tool will evaluate it for you.

Hemingway flags all of the areas within your content that can be improved for better readability. It will use different color codes to tell you which part of the content requires improvement. For instance, it will flag the sentences which need to be shorter. It will also flag those sentences which have simpler alternatives. It will also suggest you to convert passive sentences into active sentences.

All of these factors will help you in improving the readability score of your content. Thus, improving the overall ranking of your blog on search results.

Like Read-able, the Hemingway tool is also available for free. You can either use it online or can even download the desktop app.

5. Grammarly – Free and Paid

Grammarly is one of the most known copywriting tools and for some obvious reasons. Grammarly allows you to spot errors, correct them, and make your content much better. It provides you with a list of alternative word choices to make it better in terms of readability.

Proofreading is an important aspect of copywriting. However, if you do not want to spend too much time on it, then Grammarly is a tool specifically designed for you. It uses advanced AI technology and natural language processing to correct everything that is wrong with your content in terms of grammar. For instance, it helps in correcting spelling mistakes, punctuation errors, and so on. Besides that, you can also use the Grammarly tool to check for plagiarism in your content.

Not only features of the tool are free. For instance, you will have to become a paid member of Grammarly for using their advanced services such as plagiarism checking.

Pricing Plans

Grammarly provides you with three pricing plansFree, Premium, and Business.

Free Plan

The Free Plan provides you with basic writing suggestions that include –

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Conciseness

Premium Plan – Starts $11.66 per month

The Premium Plan is specifically for individuals and provides you with the following –

  • Everything in the free plan
  • Tone adjustments
  • Plagiarism detection
  • Word choice
  • Formality level
  • Fluency
  • Much more

Business – Starts at $12.50 per member per month

The Business Plan is specifically for teams and provides you with the following –

  • Everything in the premium plan
  • Style guide
  • Admin Panel
  • Centralized billing
  • Much more

6. Copyscape – Free and Paid

Copyscape is another efficient tool to have in your arsenal as a copywriter. Plagiarism is a serious crime if you are a copywriter. As a result, you must ensure that are not committing one. This is what Copyscape has been designed for.

Once you have written the content, you can use the Copyscape tool to identify if your content is plagiarism-free or not. Even if it is not done on purpose, plagiarism can have serious repercussions. Therefore, never submit your content writing work without checking it for plagiarism.

The tool is free to be used. However, if you are looking for a detailed screening of your content, then use the premium version of Copyscape. It has much more to offer than the free version of the tool.

Copyscape Free

With the free version of Copyscape, you can only search for plagiarism within online copies.

Copyscape Premium

Copyscape Premium will cost you 3c per search (up to 200 words) plus 1c per extra 100 words. The Premium plan provides you with the following.

  • Ability to check offline content
  • File upload
  • Check up to 10,000 pages in a single operation
  • Much more

7. Google Docs – Free

Google Docs is a must-have tool for copywriters who are working in a team environment. It makes it easier for the content writing teams to collaborate on different content ideas. The team can easily share edits and changes in the content with other teammates and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Moreover, with Google Docs, you never have to worry about losing your content as it is stored safely on the cloud. Google Docs also makes it very easy to import the content from Word documents and edit them in a fast and efficient manner. The best part – it is free to use forever. Thus, making it a must-have for copywriters.

8. Unsuck It – Free

There is nothing more terrible than a copywriter writing technical content but is not able to break down jargon which the audience is not able to understand. If it sounds like you, then you are in serious trouble.

It is where Unsuck It comes into the picture. The copywriting tool helps in defining the industry jargon in a simpler manner. It provides you with synonyms and also offers a couple of jokes which you can add to your content to make it more fun and creative. Even in cases when you do not find the right words, you will know exactly which ones you are looking for in your thesaurus.

9. Word Counter – Free

Word Counter is another efficient tool to consider as a copywriter. In addition to counting the total number of words in your content, the online editing tool also helps in improving your writing style and word choice.

Word Counter tool can also help you in detecting grammar mistakes and plagiarism. All of these factors can improve your content majorly and can also help you avoid unnecessary trouble by avoiding unwanted plagiarism. For checking the content, simply copy and paste the text into the online editor and it will do the rest. And the best part – it is free to use.

10. Words To Use – Free

At times, even as a copywriter you will find yourself short of words and thesaurus will also not work. This is where Words To Use will help you out. It will help you find out the right words that you can use inside your content.

Simply choose the topic that you are writing about and then write the type of word you need to find for your content. The tool will provide you with different suggestions for nouns, verbs, phrases, adjectives, and more. Moreover, just like most of the other tools discussed in this list, it is also free to use. Therefore, start using the tool right away and never be short on words every again.

11. Unsplash – Free

Content plays an important role in the overall ranking of web pages on the internet. However, images are equally important too.

As a result, copywriters must have access to stock-free images that they can use in their blogs and articles. Unsplash is one such tool that provides you with stock-free images across different categories. With Unsplash, you will never have to look anywhere else for your high-quality image requirements. Therefore, make sure you include the Unsplash in your arsenal as a copywriter.

12. SmallSEOTools – Free

SmallSEOTools is another excellent resource that you can use to improve your content before posting it online. It provides you with a bunch of different tools such as SEO Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Grammar Check, among different things.

However, the tool is most widely used by copywriters to ensure that their content is free from any sort of plagiarism. SmallSEOTools is also available for free and can be used directly from the browser itself. Therefore, it is another tool that you can have in your arsenal as a copywriter who is looking for high-quality content.

Final Thoughts

Creating high-quality content requires a lot of skills and effort. Even if you are capable of writing the best content possible, you will still need help in terms of grammar and readability to ensure that the content ranks on the very first page of Google.

This is where these tools can help copywriters. There are several high-quality tools available online. From grammar to plagiarism checkers– these tools can enhance copywriting significantly. Therefore, make sure you use them to improve your content before posting blogs or articles online. With most of them free and available to use directly, you do not even have to spend any excess money on these tools. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not make use of these efficient and excellent tools for copywriters.

All of these tools will help you in getting more organic traffic on your website. Thus, bringing you more revenue than expenses.

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