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We interview founders and review products, but we also keep a pulse on what’s going on in the startup world. We’re interested in the new products that are being built, how the products are being built, and the trends that are changing the way we work. We do this since we believe that technology is moving faster than every one can imagine and we want to provide the best content, news and reviews to our readers.

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In the world of technology, there is a lot of hype, fake reviews, and paid advertisements. There has been a recent trend of companies using independent blogs and news sites to post positive reviews for their products if they are willing to pay the price. This is a big problem, because it is difficult to tell whether or not the review is genuine. At Hustlers’ Squad we only write about the products that we have actually used and can vouch for.

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If you want to get featured on Hustlers’ Squad then drop us an email admin at this domain. We’ll be in touch with you with questions if we think we are a right fit for your business.

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